Dr Sarah J Conner PhD

Dr Sarah J Conner

Institute of Clinical Sciences
Senior Lecturer in Reproductive Biology

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Institute of Clinical Sciences
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Sarah Conner is a Senior Lecturer in Reproductive Biology and an Honorary Research Scientist at the Birmingham Women’s Fertility Centre.

In addition to her research interests, Sarah is an enthusiastic contributor to and coordinator of Reproduction teaching across a number of undergraduate programmes in the University.


  • PhD (Protein biochemistry), 2000
  • BSc (Hons)  Biochemistry with Biotechnology, 1996


Sarah graduated from the School of Biochemistry, University of Birmingham with a degree in Biochemistry with Biotechnology in 1996. She went on to study for a BHF-funded PhD in Protein Biochemistry (Structure and function of Human Heart Transhydrogenase) in the School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham (awarded in 2000). Sarah then decided she would like to work on something that people at dinner parties would have heard of and took a post-doctoral position in the Medical School working on protein-protein interactions in human fertilisation. She then spent the next seven years working on a variety of projects within the field of reproduction from male infertility to embryonic stem cell derivation. In 2007, Sarah was appointed as Lecturer in Reproduction.


Postgraduate supervision

Supervisor and Second supervisor for PhD students


Sarah Conner’s research interest is the biology of the human gametes (sperm and egg) from formation to implantation. She is particularly interested in the role of the oocyte vestments – the zona pellucida (the extracellular glycoprotein matrix that surrounds all vertebrate oocytes) and the cumulus oophorus layer – before, during and after fertilisation.   Sarah is also interested in male factor infertility, particularly the role of sperm DNA damage. 

Current Research

  • ZP domain structure and role in matrix formation.
  • Functional studies of human ZP proteins.
  • Role of the oocyte vestments in early implantation (with Dr P Hewett)
  • Improved diagnosis and treatment of male infertility (with Dr J Kirkman-Brown and Mr. A Coomarasamy).


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