Professor Paul Bowen

Professor Paul Bowen

School of Metallurgy and Materials
Feeney Professor of Metallurgy

Contact details

School of Metallurgy and Materials
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


PhD, Cambridge, 1984
MA, Cambridge, 1980


Research Interests:

  • Characterisation, development, fracture and fatigue of alloys and composite materials (MMCs and CMCs)
  • Measurement, use, modelling and control of crack growth resistance through fracture mechanics concepts
  • Prediction of properties through correlating microstructural parameters with micromechanisms of failure
  • Behaviour of cracks in non-uniform stress fields is a subject of generic interest
  • Elevated temperature performance
  • Design codes, and prediction of the behaviour of components
  • Fracture and fatigue studies of conventional materials


Selected publications:

J Liu, P Bowen. 2002. Fatigue crack growth in a Ti beta 21s/SCS-6 composite, Acta Materialia, 50, 17, 4205-4218. Publication code: 10269.

ZW Huang, P Bowen, IP Jo nes. 2001. Transmission electron microscopy investigation of fatigue crack tip plastic zones in a polycrystalline gamma-TiAl-based alloy, Philosophical Magazine. A. Physics of Condensed Matter. Defects and Mechanical Properties, 81, 9, 2183-2197. Publication code: 2877.

J Luo, P Bowen. 2003. A Probabilistic Methodology for Fatigue Life Prediction, Acta Materialia, 51, 12, 3537-3550. Publication code: 16222.

MD Halliday, C Cooper, P Bowen. 2007. On small fatigue crack growth and crack closure under mixed-mode and through zero loading in the aluminium alloys 2024-T351 and 8090-T8771, International Jo urnal of Fatigue, 29, 7, 1195-1207. Publication code: 48960.

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