Emeritus Professor Vic Hoyland

Department of Music
Professor in Composition

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Late modernist composer of symphonic works, music theatre and new music ensemble works for BCMG, Endymion, Lontano, Arditti Quartet.


PhD in Composition (York 1976)


Haywood Fellow (1980-84), Lecturer in music theatre at York (1984 – 5) followed by a return to Birmingham as a Lecturer in Music responsible for MDD (Music, Dance, Drama). Subsequently, I was made Professor in Composition. I retired in 2011.


I created a 3year programme for instrumental composition. I lectured and taught on such composers as Debussy, Bartok, Stravinsky, Berio, Boulez, Birtwistle. Maderna and Messiaen. I ran the New Music Ensemble and attempted major events, often in collaboration with Jonty Harrison.

Postgraduate supervision

Composition at all levels, including PhD, over a 25 year period.

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WULF for 24 amplified voices and 24 instrumentalists was completed and published earlier this year. Duration: 1 hour.

Other activities


2015 Fhir a’Bhata, 2014 WULF, 2012 ‘Omer, 2009 Token, Hey Presto!, 2008 Pierrot, 2007 Phoenix for large orchestra, 2006 Sicilian Vespas, 2004 The Attraction of Opposites, 2003 Qibti, 1996 Vixen, 1995 Bagatelles for string quartet, 1993 Chamber concerto, 1991 the Other Side of the Air, 1990 Quintet for piano and strings, 1989 Of Fantasy, Trio, 1988 Workout for Marimba and KAT, Hoquetus David, Crazy Rosa, 1987 In transit, Workout for Trombone, 1985 Seneca-Medea, String Quartet, 1984 Quintet of Brass, Fixed, Dumb Show, Bitch, Head and 2 Tails, 1983 Fox, 1982 Quartet Movement, 1981 Michelagniolo, 1980 Reel, Andacht zum Kleinen, 1979 Seranade, XINGU, 1978 ESEM, 1975 Ariel,  1973 Jeux-theme, 1972 This one for John (Cage), 1971 Piaf, ES, 1970 EM