Dr Francesca Bellazzi PhD

Dr Francesca Bellazzi

Department of Philosophy
Teaching fellow in Philosophy

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PTR Fellows Room
European Research Institute
B15 2SB
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Francesca is the module leader for the MA courses in Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language and Epistemology. Her research is on the metaphysics and philosophy of science. She also has an interest for applied philosophy, especially ethics of science and epistemic injustice.


  • Honorary Research Fellow, Science&Technology Department, UCL (2024)
  • PhD in Philosophy, University of Bristol (2023)
  • MSc in Philosophy of Science, LSE (2018)
  • BA in Philosophy, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan) (2017)


I am a Teaching Fellow at the University of Birmingham (UK), where I teach the MA modules in Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language and Epistemology. My main research explores the philosophy of biochemistry and the interface between chemistry and biology.

I am also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Department of Science & Technology at UCL (London), where I am working with Professor Emma Tobin on biochemical classification and functionality in the light of new technologies. 

I got my PhD in Philosophy with the thesis "Biochemical kinds and the Unity of Science" at the University of Bristol, as part of the ERC funded MetaScience Project (Grant agreement 771509) under the supervision of Professor Tuomas Tahko and Professor Samir Okasha.

My research is guided by questions concerning which properties are relevant for biochemical kinds identification and how they are related. Specifically, my thesis explored the nature of biochemical kinds and biochemical functions, with a focus on molecular genetics. I am interested in applying and informing metaphysical and philosophical reflection with the consideration of specific scientific case studies, and I have a passion for molecular genetics, proteins and vitamins. Moreover, I like to interact directly with scientists, and I have been building interdisciplinary connections across the world.

Together with my interest for the philosophy of biochemistry, I love to collaborate with colleagues working on the ethical and political aspects of science, in particular focusing on virtue ethics and epistemic justice and injustice in scientific practice.

During the past years, I have always complemented my research with teaching. Guiding students in their philosophical reasoning and building constructive conversations and exchanges is for me a constant source of personal and professional growth.


  • MA Metaphysics  (23151)
  • MA Philosophy of Language (23155)
  • MA Epistemology (23150)
  • DL Epistemology (37651)
  • Philosophical projects supervision, 20 and 40 credits