Dr Igor Marković MSc PhD

Dr Igor Marković

School of Physics and Astronomy
Assistant Professor in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

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School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Igor Marković is an Assistant Professor in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics at the School of Physics and Astronomy at Birmingham. His research focuses on the discovery and understanding of novel electronic phenomena in quantum materials through the study of their electronic structure. This is achieved by performing high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) experiments at large international user facilities in the UK, EU, and overseas. His particular interest is in the role of spin-orbit coupling in generating exotic electronic phases and their tuning by external parameters.

Igor is jointly affiliated with the UK’s national synchrotron facility, Diamond Light Source, at Harwell Campus. There, he is in charge of a technical development of uniaxial strain capabilities for ARPES, as well as other compatible spectroscopic and scattering experiments.


  • PhD in Physics, University of St Andrews, 2020
  • MSc in Physics, University of Zagreb, 2015


Igor completed his undergraduate and Masters degree in 2016 at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. During this time, he performed NMR research on ionic conductors, spin-liquid candidates and irradiated graphite in the group of Prof. M. Požek.

He obtained his PhD from the University of St Andrews in 2020 as a member of the IMPRS programme with the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden, Germany, under the joint supervision of Profs. P. D. King and A. P. Mackenzie. His research switched to ARPES experiments and the study of electronic phases in quantum materials brought on by the combination of spin-orbit coupling, crystalline symmetry and electronic interactions.

He later moved to the Quantum Matter Institute at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, where he worked with Prof. A. Damascelli as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the MPI-UBC Centre for Quantum Materials and a Mitacs Accelerate Fellow jointly with the Canadian Light Source synchrotron facility.

As of September 2023, Igor is part of the academic staff at the Condensed Matter group of the School of Physics and Astronomy at Birmingham, as well as research staff at the Diamond Light Source synchrotron. In this joint appointment, he is leading a research programme into the electronic structure of quantum materials and developing capabilities for in-situ strain-tuning at the synchrotron beamlines.


  • UG Y3 Laboratory
  • UG Y2 Physics Projects


Research interests

  • angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  • electronic structure of quantum materials
  • quantum phases driven by spin-orbit coupling
  • topological quantum materials


Selected publications

Marković I., Watson M. D., Clark O. J., Mazzola F., Abarca Morales E., Hooley C. A., Rosner H., Polley C. M., Balasubramanian T., Mukherjee S., Kikugawa N., Sokolov D., Mackenzie A. P., King P. D. C., (2020), Electronically driven spin-reorientation transition of the correlated polar metal Ca3Ru2O7, PNAS, 117: 15524

Marković I., Hooley C. A., Clark O. J., Mazzola F., Watson M. D., Riley J. M., Volckaert K., Underwood K., Dyer M. S., Murgatroyd P. A. E., Murphy K. J., Le Fèvre P., Bertran F., Fujii J., Vobornik I., Wu S., Okuda T., Alaria J., King P. D. C., (2019), Weyl-like points from band inversions of spin-polarised surface states in NbGeSb, Nature Communications, 10: 5485

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