Dr Foyzul Rahman BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Foyzul Rahman

School of Psychology
Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Dr Foyzul Rahman is currently investigating the effect of exercise and aerobic fitness in improving cognitive and language function in old age. Dr Rahman is currently part of a multidisciplinary team (based here in the UK and in Norway) that is involved in the Fitness, Ageing, and Bilingualism (FAB) project funded by the Research Council of Norway. Project website: www.fab-study.com.


  • BSc Psychology, 2013
  • MSc Psychology, 2015
  • PhD Cognitive Neuroscience, 2021


After undergraduate and Masters degrees in Psychology, in 2016, Dr Rahman briefly worked as a Research Associate at the Institute of Applied Health Research (IAHR) at the University of Birmingham. In 2017, he began his PhD at Aston University investigating the effect of ageing on theory of mind in healthy older adults. Through his PhD, Dr Rahman became an experienced practitioner of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for acquiring both structural and functional brain data. In January 2021, Dr Rahman started a post-doctoral position at the Centre for Human Brain Health (CHBH, University of Birmingham) on the FAB project, locally led by Dr Katrien Segaert.


Social cognition, cognitive ageing, physiological ageing, psycholinguistics, MR imaging

The FAB Project:

Dr Rahman is involved in the day-to-day running of the FAB (Fitness, Ageing, and Bilingualism) project. The project aims to investigate the benefits of regular physical activity and bilingualism for language and other cognitive abilities in healthy ageing. The study will compare the cognitive function of young and older English monolinguals and Norwegian-English bilinguals and relate it to key aspects of language use and language proficiency. The project will also run a physical activity intervention with older adults to determine the benefits associated with increased fitness for monolinguals and bilinguals and measure any changes in brain structure and function for monolinguals (using MRI). Should you be interested in volunteering for this study, please email f.rahman@bham.ac.uk; the study is currently recruiting older adults aged 60 and above.

Other activities

Former posts:

Visiting Lecturer, Newman University (Birmingham)

Research Associate, Institute of Applied Health Research, University of Birmingham