Dr Roberta Roberts

Dr Roberta Roberts

School of Psychology
Research Fellow

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Ths School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Roberts is a research fellow whose interests are in studying touch perception in the hand. The sense of touch provides information about the shape, temperatures, textures, and materials of our environment. Touching is an active process, involving control of the movements and forces of the hands. Dr Roberts uses behavioural and psychophysical techniques to investigate the interactions between skin mechanics, exploration dynamics and the sense of touch in both young and older adults.


  • PhD in Psychology (2005)
  • Msc Cognitive Science (2001)
  • BSc Psychology and Artificial Intelligence (1997)


Research interests 

Tactile and Haptic perception, within and across the hands

Multisensory perception of material properties of objects

Psychophysics, motion and force measurement

Other activities

Member of the Experimental Psychology Society