Dr Edith Elgueta Cancino PT, MPhil, PhD

Dr Edith Elgueta Cancino

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
Research Fellow

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Dr. Elgueta Cancino’s research utilizes non-invasive brain stimulation and electrophysiological techniques in combination with clinical assessments to understand how the brain controls the movement and the adaptions caused by musculoskeletal disorders and pain.


Msc Philosophy in Human Motor Control
PhD Philosophy


Dr. Edith Elgueta Cancino completed a MPhil on the developing of a clinical test to subgroup people with low back pain and motor control impairment. Then she completed a PhD exploring the changes in the organization of the motor cortex in people with chronic spinal pain and the relationships with motor control impairment. Both degrees at Clinical Centre for Research Excellence in Spinal Pain, Injury and Health in Australia. She moved to Aalborg University to study the changes in cortical organization induced by experimental pain on the neck muscles before taking up the post of research fellow in the Centre of Precision Rehabilitation for Spinal Pain in Birmingham.

Postgraduate supervision

Edith will co-supervise a Pre-reg Masters Student this year and is looking forward to increasing her participation in supervision activities for the next year.


  • To understand how the brain controls the movement in musculoskeletal pathology.
  • To study how pain can influence or change the brain (cortical organization).
  • To identify factors that determine pain persistency and the potential underlying mechanisms.
  • To aid the development of prevention and rehabilitation programs for chronic musculoskeletal pain


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