Professor Candida Moss

Professor Candida Moss

Department of Theology and Religion
Edward Cadbury Professor of Theology

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ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

My work primarily focuses on a wide array of ideas about the body and power in early Christianity. This included disability, martyrdom, death, suffering, the afterlife, and the work of enslaved workers in the production of the New Testament. I have additional interests in religion and public life, the Bible and education, and cultural heritage. In addition to my academic work, I am a columnist for the Daily Beast and regularly contribute to other publications like Atlantic Monthly, New York Times, LA Times, Times Supplement of Higher Education, Slate, Politico, and CNN. 

Feedback and office hours

I am available for Office Hours by appointment. For US based postgraduate students office hours can be scheduled in the afternoons and early evening (Eastern Standard Time).


  • BA (Oxon)
  • MAR (Yale Divinity School)
  • MPhil (Yale)
  • PhD (Yale)


Candida Moss: my research

I read theology as an undergraduate at Oxford, before moving to the United States to pursue post-graduate work in Biblical Studies at, first Yale Divinity School and, later, Yale Graduate School. In 2008, I moved to the University of Notre Dame to teach classes in the departments of Theology, Classics, and History before coming to Birmingham in 2017. 

While my academic work is primarily historical, I work in the public sphere as s Papal news commentator for CBS news, a cultural commentator and columnist for The Daily Beast, and a religion news commentator and writer for CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and others. A great deal of my recent work has focussed on the intersection of religion and politics and the influence of certain religious ideas on international relations, policy making, and education.


  • Introduction to Biblical Studies
  • Martyrdom
  • Disability Theology

Postgraduate supervision

Gospel of Mark
Early Christianity
Resurrection and Afterlife in the New Testament and Early Christianity
Reception History
Ancient Medicine and the New Testament
Disability Studies and the Bible
Greco-Roman influence on the New Testament and Early Christianity
Influence of the Bible in contemporary affairs

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I am currently completing a book, based on the 2017 Cadbury Lectures, on Resurrection on the New Testament, Ancient Medicine, Disability, and Constructions of the Bodies.

Other ongoing projects include the Hermeneia Commentary on Second Century Martyrdom Accounts and a Bestiary of the Bible

Other activities


Recent publications


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