Professor Jorgen Nielsen

Professor Jorgen Nielsen

Department of Theology and Religion
Emeritus Professor of Contemporary European Islam

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My main research interest is Islam in Europe but I also maintain interests in Shari’a and Christian-Muslim relations in Europe and the Middle East.


  • BA Arabic (London)
  • MA Middle East Area Studies (London)
  • PhD Arab History (American University of Beirut)


After completing my PhD in Beirut I became Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Selly Oak Colleges and the University of Birmingham in 1978, and Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Birmingham in 1996. In 2005 I moved to Damascus as director of the Danish Institute and Cultural Counsellor at the Danish Embassy before then, in 2007, becoming Danish National Research Foundation Professor of Islamic Studies in Copenhagen, a post which I held until retirement in the summer of 2013. I am now back part-time at the University of Birmingham from January 2016.


Currently I am only lightly active in teaching, but I have previously taught Islamic history and politics, Islamic law, and Islam in Europe.


Currently I am mostly active in managing reference works and a journal on Muslims in Europe. I keep up with work in this area but have withdrawn from active research.

Other activities

I have maintained my connection to the University of Copenhagen as Hon. Professor in the Faculties of Theology and Humanities. I regularly teach courses on Islam, religion, and politics at the European Commission’s External Action Service, and I chair the Advisory Board of the Erlangen Centre for Islam and Law in Europe at the University of Erlangen, Germany. In Bulgaria I am a Founding Trustee and board member of the International Center for Minority Studies and Intercultural Relations (IMIR).


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  • Islam in Europe
  • Sharia
  • Christian-Muslim relations in Europe and the Middle East