Dr Oliver W. E. Norris

Dr Oliver W. E. Norris

Department of Theology and Religion
ITSEE Research Fellow

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ITSEE, Dept. of Theology and Religion
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I work at the Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing (ITSEE), on the GALaCSy project, where my primary role is to create a Vetus Latina edition of Galatians.


  • PhD (King's College London)
  • MA (King's College London)
  • BA (King's College London)


Oliver Norris was awarded his PhD in Classics in 2016 at King's College London, where he also undertook his BA and MA degrees, also in Classics. His PhD was on the Gospel sources of the 5th-century writer Sedulius. 

From 2016 his research has focused on the textual tradition of the Latin Bible, particularly the Latin Psalms and currently the Pauline Epistles.

As part of his research on the Latin Psalms, he rediscovered the unfinished work of Odilo Heiming on the Milanese or Ambrosian Psalter at Maria Laach Abbey, identifying the 40-odd witnesses used for his unfinished edition. 

From 2018-2022, Oliver worked on the Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible Project with Dr. John Screnock at the University of Oxford, first as research affiliate and then from 2020 as a post-doc research fellow.  His research focused on reconstructing the Latin tradition of the Psalms to feed into Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Psalms.

As part of this project he also transcribed Greek and Latin manuscripts of the Psalms for input into the OCHRE database as part of the CEDAR project managed by the University of Chicago.

Alongside his work on the GALaCSy Project at ITSEE, he is also preparing a digital edition of the Greco-Latin Verona Psalter.

His research interests centre on the Vetus Latina tradition and Biblical Textual Criticism. 


GALaCSy Project - A 3-year Anglo-German project investigating the earliest versions of the Pauline Epistles.  The AHRC-funded Birmingham portion of the project focuses on a new edition of the Vetus Latina of Galatians, which will feed into the Editio Critica Maior.


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