Professor Kathleen Armour

Professor Kathleen Armour

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

As Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), Kathy is responsible for delivering the University's Strategic Plan for Education.  Kathy oversees all aspects of UG and PGT education, sits on the University's Executive Board and is Chair of the University Education Committee.  Kathy is also academic lead for the Higher Education Futures institute (HEFi).  This new institute has been designed to support the career-long development of our academic staff in learning and teaching, encourage innovation, and share good practice internally and externally.

Kathy trained and worked as a teacher in schools before moving into higher education. She gained a Master's degree from the Institute of Education in London in 1986, and a PhD in Education from the University of Southampton in 1993. In 1985, Kathy was appointed to Brunel University as a lecturer in teacher training. She moved to a senior lectureship in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University in 1999, and gained her Chair in 2008. Kathy joined the University of Birmingham in 2010, became Head of the newly created School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences in 2012, and was appointed as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) in 2016.

Kathy's research is in education and career-long professional learning, and she is particularly interested in bridging the gaps between theory/research and practice. In her most recent books, she has developed a new translational mechanism - 'pedagogical cases' - to support practitioner learning. She was a REF2014 panellist, a main panellist for the TEF subject pilots, is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, International Fellow of the National Academy of Kinesiology (USA) and, in 2016, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Orebro University, Sweden for pedagogy research and leadership.


  • PhD (Southampton)
  • MA (Education) (Institute of Education, London)
  • B.Ed (London)


  • Career-long Professional development for teachers and coaches
  • Bridging theory/research/practice gaps
  • Pedagogical Cases

Research Grants

External funding worth over £2.5 million in the last fifteen years.  Research is in the field of Education with specific focus on supporting practitioners in physcial education, physical activity and youth sport.  Selected projects:

  1. South Korean Global Research Network (2017 -).  Physical education teachers' continuining professional development for facilitating positive youth development-orientated physciual education and school sport.  Co-I. £169,000.
  2. Wellcome Trust (2016 -).  Social media and its impact on adolescent health and wellbeing: A scoping study of the new ethical challenges.Co-I. £48,141.
  3. Society for Educational Studies (2015 -). "There's an app for that!"  An Exploratory Study into Digital Technologies and Health/Wellbeing Education in Schools. Co-I. £7384.
  4. The Youth Sport Trust (Charity, 2013 - 16).Sainsbury's Inclusive PE Teacher Training Programme: An Evaluation. Co-I. £44,984.
  5. The Football Association (Projects, 2010 - 14).Evaluation of the FAYCE programme.  Co-I. £30,000; The theory and practice of 'needs-led' CPD provision in the FA:  The RCDM Case Study.  PI. £15,000; an analysis of CPD provision for the football coaching workforce: A comparison with other professional fields.  PI. £15,000; Evaluation of the PCCE Coach Education Initiative (with Loughborough University).  PI. £30,000.
  6. Coca Cola Foundation (2011 - 13).  UK Partner in a project with 6 EU partners.  Active Lifestyles - Physical Literacy as a way to promote physical activity in inactive groups.  Co-I.  £400,000.
  7. AHRC Connected Communities Programme (2011).  An analysis of the capacity of volunteer sports coaches as community assets in the Big Society: a scoping review.  Co-I.  £24,000.  2011.
  8. DfES/PEAUK (2004 - 08).  Evaluation of the National PE-CPD Programme (England).  PI.  £112,546.
  9. Big Lottery Fund (2003 - 09).  National Evaluation of the NOF PE & Sport Initiative.  Co-I.  £998,853 plus £102,525 extension.
  10. HSBC (2003 - 08).  Evaluation of Youth Engagement Projects.  PI.  £197,540.
  11. DfES/Sport England (2003 - 09).  National Evaluation of the School Sport Co-ordinator Programme.  Co-I.  £726,801.
  12. YST/BSkyB (2003 - 09).  Reach for the Sky.  PI.  £238,501.
  13. ESRC (2001 - 03).  Continuing Professional Development: Provision for Physcial Education Teachers.  PI.  £81,426.

Other activities

  • Co-opted member of QUARSAC (HEFCE's Quality, Accountability and Regulation Strategic Advisory Committee).
  • Awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Orebro University, Sweden for pedagogy research and leadership.
  • Invited pedagogy expert and Chair of the Sport Sciences Grant Evaluation Panel, Academy of Science for Finland (2nd appointment).
  • Pedagogy expert panel member on REF 2014 Sub-Panel 26 (Sport & Exercise Sciences, Leisure & Tourism).
  • Awarded the title of 'Fellow' of the UK Academy of Social Sciences.
  • Appointed as an International Fellow of the National Academy of Kinesiology (USA Academy for the full range of Kinesiology disciplines).
  • Served until 2014 as vice president of AIESEP (global organisation for Education and Sport).
  • Supervised 10 PhD students to successful completion, with three ongoing.
  • Delivered numerous national and international invited keynote lectures, review panel members, journal reviewer, promotions commitees, external examiner etc.


Selected Publications


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Between 1997 and 2015, a further 25 peer reviewed journal papers, 3 books and 18 book chapters were published. In addition, 48 reports were completed for research funders, and 88 peer-reviewed conference papers presented.