Undergraduate Admissions

I was expecting an alternative offer, why have I not received one?

Your application may not have been considered suitable for an alternative offer or there may have been some missing information on your application (for example, the EPQ not being listed). If there are qualifications that have been missed or incorrect grades on your application, please request that your referee or a teacher contact us as soon as possible and we may be able to reconsider.

If you were eligible for more than one alternative offer, you may have received an alternative offer but not the one you were expecting. This is because the University can only issue one alternative offer, prioritised in the order shown below:

  • Attainment Offer
  • Pathways to Birmingham programmes
  • Realising Opportunities Programme (ROP)
  • Contextual Offers
  • Mutual Recognition with Nottingham
  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Offers

If you would like more information on the alternative offer schemes, please visit our How we make offers webpage.

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