UoB Elevate

Located at The Exchange, UoB Elevate is an incubator and business growth programme for University of Birmingham students and graduates. Through this initiative, our students are helped to develop their own ventures, supporting them to create possibilities beyond established graduate routes.

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However, we want and expect the benefits of supporting these graduate entrepreneurs to be wider with opportunities for the whole community. Through UoB Elevate we are supporting regional economic development and business engagement, with genuine investment prospects, as well as openings for mentoring and business support. 

UoB Elevate Start-Up incubator at The Exchange

Investment prospects

The diverse range of businesses entering The Exchange are pre-selected based on their potential and the credibility of the student. As the businesses are supported to their next stage of development, there will be genuine investment opportunities, whether that be directly in the business or working with the individual to support their aspirations.

Shared ambitions

We are seeking partners who have a shared interest in innovation and shared ambitions to support future entrepreneurs. UoB Elevate is a programme that supports business growth and future talent.

Split-screen of man laughing and a large group of students and graduates standing on the steps of The Exchange


UoB Elevate is a multifaceted programme, consisting of workshops, events, mentoring and business planning. All of these are opportunities for your organisation to be part of new venture creation in the region.

John Sewell

John Sewell

Founder, Cosimo Art

“My biggest hope for Cosimo Art is that it opens up the art world and engages new audiences with artists and their work. Using our brand and platform as a means to interest, educate and welcome people who may otherwise feel excluded from the art world is central to what we want to achieve. We’re delighted to be part of the Elevate programme to help us achieve this aim.”


Via the incubator programme wide-ranging business networks will be created. Whether you want to meet the entrepreneurial talent of the future or ensure your organisation is at the forefront of these ventures, there are multiple ways for you to engage with the space, the students and the businesses.

Find out more

If you are a student or graduate of the University of Birmingham, visit the B-Enterprising web pages to discover what support is available to you on campus and in The Exchange.

For all other enquiries please email: benterprising@contacts.bham.ac.uk