Spanish Studies first year modules

Compulsory modules

Spanish Core Advanced or Beginners I and II (20 credits + 20 credits)

Our core modules, offering increased contact hours, will provide you with an introduction to the knowledge and skills you need to become a Birmingham Languages Graduate. You will have the opportunity to explore the key ideas that have shaped the Spanish-speaking world: the key cultural movements, the social, political, and historical phenomena, and the linguistic issues. You will do all this through the medium of Spanish, and using the latest technology, to develop your understanding and expertise within the language, so that you increase your ability to express complex ideas and conduct challenging conversations. We will also work to develop your critical thinking and study methods skills, so that you can engage with the breadth and depth of Spanish studies in future years. 

Optional modules

(20 credits each)

Speaking Unity: Language and Diversity in the Hispanic World

The module will cover the basic principles of linguistics, with specific emphasis on language variation, the dialects of Spanish and the minority languages of Spain. 

Between the National and the Global: Peninsular Spanish History 1936 to the Present Day

This module examines the Spanish Civil War, the evolution of the Franco Regime, the transition to democracy, and postmillennial Spain. Through interaction with a wide variety of interdisciplinary sources (historical documents, visual media, literary texts), students will learn about construction and fragmentation of Spanish identity during this historical period, and the international influences that formed national identity. Not only this, but they will appreciate the distinctively Spanish influence on global developments, such as international protest movements in Greece. 

Unity, Diversity and the Re-shaping of the New World: Latin America since 1800

The module will cover the main historical developments in Latin American history since independence from the birth of the new republics to the emergence of the neo-colonial order and from the era of mass politics and revolution to the legacies of the geopolitics of the Cold War.