Interdisciplinarity I

Credits: 10


Interdisciplinarity is an advanced method of research that requires a unique set of skills. Unlike multidisciplinarity, this kind of research originally integrates different methodologies and blurs the lines between disciplines.

In 2022-2023, this module will focus on one topic within the theme of ‘water’ on which students will undertake an interdisciplinary literature review. Students have the freedom to investigate any aspect of the topic using two disciplines that they study (ideally one will be their major). The module will be supported by a series of in-person synchronous small group tutorials and lectures, and asynchronous online resources including on how to search for literature and write about it. Students are also guided in finding connections between their two disciplines to find an interdisciplinary space where their literature review fits.

This module builds directly on the multidisciplinary work of the first year and continues the process of equipping students for their dissertation by undertaking serious independent research in a supported and collegiate space.