From Research to Policy: Part Two

Credits: 10


Beginning where you ended last term - in the same groups on the same social issue– in 'From Research To Policy II' you will work to translate your proposed solutions into a policy paper. By the end of the module you will have first-hand experience of how legislative change can be a form of direct action.

This module is designed to give you experience as researchers and expand on the practices of peer support and collaborative working. Over the term you will design and implement a method of data collection in order to engage the people directly affected by your social issue. By the end of this module, and with the support of a cohort of Hong Kong University consultants, you will have learned how to turn your raw data into a formal, persuasive, and applicable policy. 

This project will conclude as you submit your policy paper to either local councillors, the Lord Mayor’s office, or the relevant MP in the hope that these bodies can work to raise the issue, along with your carefully thought out and evidence-based recommendations, on a national stage.