From Research to Policy: Part One

Credits: 10


On this module, you will work as part of a multidisciplinary research group investigating a social issue.  You will explore this issue from a range of levels (e.g. governmental, cultural, social, individual) that will open it explore it in terms of complex systems, power and social norms.  Each member of the group will carry out research into the social issue, drawing on their subject choices, and the results of this research will be presented in the form of an e-portfolio.  Some of the skills you will practise and learn include:

  • The ability to reflect on ourselves, so that we become more aware of our role, prejudices and power.
  • A willingness to embrace ambiguity, and to revisit a problem continually, even when we have discovered a solution.
  • An openness to exploring a problem from multiple perspectives so that we discover different ways of seeing the world. 

You will also learn some of the fundamental skills needed for a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree, including information handling, quantitative research methods, and reflective writing.


Approximately 18 hours, with one week for interviewing stakeholders.