From Research to Policy: Part Two

Credits: 10


How can we change the world? All too often, it feels like we can’t, and change is a complex process. The thought of trying to make a difference can leave us feeling inconsequential.  Working in the same group and on the same social issue, this semester you will work towards the equally challenging task of developing an implementable solution.  Interviewing stakeholders, you will make a campaign documentary film advocating a series of actions to bring about real change.

Through your research, you will consider what kind of change you seek (e.g. individual attitudes or access to resources), what precedents there are, who the stakeholders are and what kind of power is involved, what strategies could bring about change and how to measure the effectiveness of the change you seek.  As part of your research into the problem, you will interview stakeholders and work with real-world organisations.

Classes will benefit from professional expertise in documentary filmmaking. The highest marked films will be screened at the department’s summer Research Festival (see films that were shown at our recent festival on the LANS Community page) and we actively encourage teams to enter their documentaries at film festivals around the world.

The module ends with a Dragon’s Den event at which every team will showcase their work to their peers and answer questions from a panel of ‘dragons’ combined of staff and stakeholders.


Approximately 20 hours.  You will also be required to film interviews with stakeholders.