Introduction to Public Health & Global Challenges

Year 1 Semester 1

Credits 20

This module gives an introduction to public health. It covers how public health is organised, who practices it, and the key skills underpinning the discipline. The other 15 modules of the Public Health BSc are briefly introduced and we describe how all 16 modules work together build up a comprehensive set of public health skills and knowledge. A number of key threads run that through the rest of the Public Health BSc are introduced. For example, global health features prominently to give an international context, the history of public health enables a broader understanding of how the discipline has evolved, its impact and its relevance to wider society. The mechanisms contributing to health inequalities (difference in health status in different groups, such as the rich and poor) and the wider determinants of health (such as the impact of your job, your house, your education on your health) will also be studied.