This module will build on learning undertaken in the Social Work Skills, Values and Approaches module in year 1 and move you on into a practice placement in a social work or social care agency.

The module will allow you to gain practice experience in social work settings and apply the theories and methods that underpin social work practice. There will be a particular focus on incorporating and learning from the perspectives of service users and carers in undertaking processes of assessment and in the planning and delivery of social work support and intervention.

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Meet the assessment requirements for 'End of First Placement', as laid out in the Professional Capabilities Framework
  • Demonstrate professionalism in your behaviour with others (including service users and colleagues both within and external to the placement agency) and in relation to self (taking responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing)
  • Apply social work values in practice and identify and, with guidance, manage value tensions and conflicts.
  • Apply research, theory and at least two methods of assessment and intervention in social work practice whilst recognising the limits to your own knowledge and understanding.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds, taking account of the impact of social divisions and inequalities and seeking to promote social justice and inclusion.
  • Use a range of methods of communication and demonstrate the ability to build, sustain and conclude effective and compassionate relationships with service users and carers.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the legal, policy and organisational context of their practice and demonstrate an ability to work within this.
  • Reflect on your practice and, with guidance, demonstrate an ability to think critically and creatively in their analysis of practice situations.
  • Reflect critically on your own strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for development for the final placement.
  • Demonstrate you understand and are able to meet the expectations of professional conduct, performance, behaviour and ethics.


Case Study : Coursework (100%); Portfolio : Coursework (0%) 

The module learning is assessed both academically and professionally. You will compile a portfolio of practice-based evidence during the placement.

Academic assessment will be based on a case analysis (3000-3500 words), submitted as part of the practice portfolio. This constitutes 100% of the academic credits.

Professional assessment is based on evaluation by qualified and experienced social work practice educators of your performance in practice and the evidence contained in the practice portfolio. Professional assessment is based on the Professional Capabilities Framework requirements. The professional assessment is Pass/Fail and this constitutes an internal hurdle.

You must pass both the academic and professional components of assessment.


Reassessment of the academic work will require resubmission of the case analysis. Reassessment of the professional component will be decided on the basis of an Independent Practice Assessor investigation and report, as specified in the Course Approval documentation.