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Most History degrees will involve a large amount of reading in comparison to GCSE and A Level. Reading and researching a broad range of topics is a useful way to prepare for the course as well as watching documentaries and even dramatized shows based on specific historical periods.

It would be useful to identify areas of history which appeal to you before coming to university as this will help you to choose modules that you will find engaging; below we have listed some resources that may help with this. Our academics have listed their recommendations to introduce you to theory and historiography of the different subject areas;

Discover more History resources

For those interested in African Studies and Anthropology our academics have also listed their recommendations:

Discover African Studies and Anthropology resources

Historical documentaries

Whilst this media is not necessarily always academic, it can introduce fun videos and topics of information that can be built upon with further reading:

  • BBC iPlayer - currently includes documentaries by Lucy Worsley, Mary Beard and Dan Snow amongst others.
  • History Hit TV – provides a more academic view and covers a large chronology of European history through documentaries and films.

In Our Time podcast

Three historians talking about specific topics in a succinct and educational manner. Really good if you’re hoping to introduce yourself to a new topic in the curriculum.

‘History of the World’ - Andrew Marr

This is a fantastic book to read if you want an introduction to a wide range of subject knowledge in a quick and interesting manner. Whilst not written by a historian, it is digestible, light and discusses a broad range of interesting topics.

Our Migration Story

This is a prize-winning site dedicated to exploring migration to Britain, from early settlers to modern arrivals.