Park House Lodge

This early 1900s bungalow located towards the north of Edgbaston Campus sits on a busy main road at the entrance to an academic building. The spacious bungalow features two bedrooms and one reception room, as well as a large bathroom, kitchen and rear garden.

Three images showing the exterior and interior of Park House Lodge as it is now (unused).Key FactsMap showing the location of Park House Lodge, which shows that it's located towards the north of the University of Birmingham's Edgbaston campus at 38 Edgbaston Park Road

  • Detached
  • 70 square metres
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: E
  • Heritage: Not Heritage
  • Power: University of Birmingham Private Grid
  • Heating from CHP: No
  • Steam from CHP: No
  • Ownership: University of Birmingham/Freehold
  • Asbestos: May be present

Floor plans

Floor plans showing the ground floor layout and dimensions of Park House Lodge

Accessible version of the Park House Lodge floor plans

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