Industrial and Academic Partnerships

As a centre for applied research, we receive a range of support from multi-national industrial companies, academic institutions and research organisations.  These partnerships include co-funding research activity, advising on the development of new applications of topology and enhancing our training for students. Please download our Collaboration Guide for Industrial Partners (pdf).

Our current industrial partners

Our academic and research partners

  • International Institute for Sustainability with Knotted Chiral Meta Matter (SKCM2), Hiroshima University
  • University of Colorado, Boulder

Becoming a Partner

We are always keen to hear from companies and institutions that have an interest in topology, topological optimisation or additive manufacturing.  We offer a range of partnership options and levels of engagement with the CDT and our activities.  If you would like to discuss our work or becoming a partner of the CDT, please email the Operations Team at

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Developing Industry Relationships Through the CDT

The CDT offers a range of support to academic colleagues in the University who would like to develop relationships with industrial contacts to apply their research in topology.  Working with our partners and colleagues in the Business Engagement team, we can offer advice and support to identify potential partner opportunities that might benefit your research activity. 

If you are interested in discussing potential applications for your research in topology through the CDT, please contact us.  To find out more about our current research areas, please visit our research projects and themes page.

Your data matters to us

For details on how we manage your personal data, read our up-to-date data protection policies.  The information supplied on this form will only be used by the CDT Topological Design to ensure that the information we send you is relevant to you and your companies' interests.