Research Projects and Themes

We work with supervisors and research groups from across the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and beyond, developing the full breadth of topological research across a wide range of interdisciplinary projects.  Here you can find more information on the current research projects we support, and the research groups that form our wider academic network.  Please explore these links to find out more about topology and its applications and the wider research community at the University of Birmingham.

We are focused on understanding and exploiting the topological properties of structures to achieve specific combinations of desirable and exotic physical properties in new materials and devices.  We also work with research groups exploring the application of topology to soft matter, molecular chemistry, data science and security, biomedical devices and scanning, photonics and optics.

Research Themes

  • Mechanical, Vibration and Thermal Engineering.
  • Electromagnetism, Optics and Photonics.
  • Quantum Physics and Technology.
  • Chemistry and Soft Matter.
  • Mathematical, Computational and Data Sciences.
  • Health and Life Sciences.
  • Fabrication and Manufacturing.

Current Research Projects

  • "Topology in self-assembled colloidal materials" - Jay Morris - Dr Dwaipayan Chakrabarti.

  • "From graph minor theory to 3-dimensions" - Emily Nevinson - Dr Johannes Carmesin.

  • “Time-dependent design of structures and materials in response to an external stimulus” - Barnaby Hawthorn - Dr Lauren Thomas-Seale. Co-funded by the MTC.

  • "Topological data analysis in biomedical images: understanding the interaction of cells and their microenvironment" - Sebastian Gilbert - Dr Fabian Spill.

  • "Investigating the F-Actin and GPIb complex distributions at IMS in megakaryocytes" - Orneste Buitkute - Prof Dirk-Peter Herten.
  • "Optimised optical topologies for quantum technology using metasurfaces" - Adam Seedat - Dr Michael Holynski.

  • "Theory for quantum entangled states in extreme nanophotonic devices" - Angus Crookes - Dr Angela Demetriadou.

  • "Quantum-enhanced single molecule detection for super-resolved biomedical imaging" - Joseph Baker - Dr Vincent Boyer.

  • "Development of advanced micro-nanotopographical platforms for point-of-care diagnostics (AMPs-4-PD)" - David Odetade - Dr Pola Goldberg-Oppenheimer.

  • "Topological data analysis of molecule positions from super-resolution data to map molecular nano-environments in immune cell" - Luca Panconi - Dr Dylan Owen. Co-funded by ONI.

  • "Topological physics using “synthetic dimensions” in ultracold atomic gases" - David Reid - Dr Hannah Price.

  • "Directionality and circularity in complex networks" - Niall Rodgers - Dr Samuel Johnson.

  • "Novel topological approaches to positron imaging in medicine and industry" - Jack Sykes - Dr Kit Windows-Yule.

  • "Mathematical modelling 3D plant growth and additive manufacture" - Amy Tansell - Dr Rosemary Dyson

  • "Development of additive layer manufacturing technology for aeroengine compact air oil heat exchanger" - Francesco Careri - Prof Moataz Attallah. Co-funded by TWI.
  • "Designing colloidal open crystals for multifunctional materials" - Adam Walker - Dr Dwaipayan Chakribarti.
  • "The synthesis and characterisation of topological magnets" - Amie Troath - Dr Lucy Clark.
  • "Topological design in manufacturing and 3D printing" - Dina Fouad - Prof. Moataz Attallah.
  • "Topological optimisation of electromagnetic devices and structures" - Edward Penny - Dr Stephen Hanham.
  • "Combining topological optimisation and 3D printing to create smart auxetic arterial stents - Ellis Williams - Dr Khamis Essa.
  • "High-power filters with novel temperature-compensation techniques and multi-domain topological co-design" - Emelia Hayward - Dr Yi Wang. Co-funded by the European Space Agency.
  • "Bioprinting of smart deformable structures" - Hannah Yorworth - Dr Thomas Montenegro-Johnson. Co-funded by the Leverhulme Trust.
  • "Foundation of optical vortex lens microscopy" - Kerr Maxwell - Prof Mark Dennis.
  • "Investigating topological algorithms for digital image processing in prompt-gamma detection" -  Kiran Nutter - Dr Tzany Kokalova Wheldon.
  • "Machine learning accelerated topological design of metal-organic frameworks" - Mario Ongkiko - Dr Andrew Morris.
  • "Tunable topological metasurfaces and applications on microwave/millimetre-wave antennas and circuits for future mobile and satellite communications" - Dr Alexandros Feresidis. Funded by QinetiQ.

Research Groups in our Academic Network

If you are working in a field related to topology and would like to explore opportunities to work with the CDT and its students, please contact us at  You can join our mailing list to find out news and events at the CDT by completing the form on our Research Supervisors page.