Year 13 Activities

Applying to universities in Year 13 should be an exciting process, but can sometimes be made more difficult if students have little or no family history of attending university. The successful and well-established Access to Birmingham scheme aims to address this issue and is open to prospective applicants for all courses.

Access to Birmingham (A2B)

The Access to Birmingham (A2B) scheme is designed to help students from families and communities in the West Midlands who have little or no experience of Higher Education achieve their aspirations of studying at University. Students participate in a range of activities to support their application to University and successful applicants benefit from receiving two offers from the University of Birmingham, the standard one and an alternative offer. The A2B offer is typically a reduction of two A level grades but for Medicine it is a reduction of three A level grades. Successful applicants may also be eligible for a range of scholarships. 

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Liam BarrettLiam Barrett, former A2B applicant and current MBChB student 
“I found the academic assignment element of the A2B module a challenge, but also exciting. There isn’t a lot of opportunity for individual research during your normal school life, so the chance to meet with an academic in your field to discuss an area of medicine to research for the essay was great. The assignment enabled me to improve my style of writing, learn about referencing and learn about communicating with an academic. These are all key skills to being a successful medical student, and it gave me a lot of confidence when faced with an essay title when at university.”