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Students walk down the stairs in the School of Engineering

We run a wide range of programmes, events, resources, and opportunities to encourage participation and engagement with university study.

Our team work to:

  • support pupils with decision making
  • raise awareness of the benefits of higher education
  • promote a wide variety of pathways to university
  • increase exposure to university life and study, and knowledge and confidence alongside it
  • support pupils with applying to university and preparing for the start of their degree

We offer a progressive programme of activity across all age groups.

Events and engagement opportunities

We run a wide range of events and activities that aim to give students exposure to university study, an insight into some of their favourite subjects, and an opportunity to learn in a new environment while raising aspirations.

Resources for teachers and advisors

We provide a range of resources, advice, and development to teachers and advisors on all aspects of the university admissions process and keeping up with any changes in the sector.