If your offer of a place is conditional upon providing evidence of your academic qualifications please see below for information with regards to what are acceptable forms of verification:

By Post

You can send verified or certified documents to us through the post to:

Admissions Office, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B15 2TT

A verified/certified copy of a document means that a photocopy of the original document has been taken and then subsequently stamped with a verification stamp by a recognised body.  Examples of a recognised body are – the organisation, school, college or university who awarded the qualification, the department of education from your country or a legal representative (lawyer, solicitor, or judge).  They must have seen the original document in order for a copy to be taken and then certified with a business stamp and signature.

Please note we would encourage the use of secure or tracked mail in order to send your academic documents to us.

We do not routinely return documents to applicants unless requested to do so.  If you request for your documents to be returned to you they will be sent by standard First Class mail if you are within the UK or standard airmail if you are overseas.  If you wish for your documents to be returned by secure or tracked mail you will need to enclose a pre-paid postage envelope when sending your documents to us.

We do not advise sending your original academic documents to us, especially if you are an overseas applicant who may subsequently need your documents for your Tier 4 Student Visa application.

In Person

You are welcome to visit the Admissions Reception in the Aston Webb building to the main campus.

You may bring with you original or certified copies of your documentation.  Our staff will then take further copies to be placed with your application.

By Email

We can accept verification of your results via email.  This must be from the organisation, school, college or university who awarded the qualification.  We will not accept verification from any other source.

The email must follow these instructions:

  • Be from an official email address.  We will not accept emails from personal accounts, for example Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.
  • Contain a scanned copy of the original certificate or transcript as an attachment or confirm the exact result(s) and qualification name in the body of the email.
  • If scanned copies are provided then the email must confirm that the scanned copy is a true likeness of the original document which they must have seen.
  • Emails must be sent to the email address stipulated in your offer letter or  Please also indicate VERIFICATION OF RESULTS in the subject line of the email.
Any emails which do not follow these instructions will not be accepted as verification of qualifications.

From an Overseas Representative

If you are domiciled outside the UK, you may wish to use one of our overseas representatives, who may be able to verify your qualifications and send these to us via email. 

Translated Documents

Please note; all non-English Language documents must be accompanied by an official certified translation.