COVID-19 research - a social sciences perspective

From the impacts of social distancing, to looking at how families can best manage home-schooling to exploring how our world leaders are responding to this crisis, social sciences researchers at the University of Birmingham are helping to unravel the complex and evolving economic and societal challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID Oximetry @home evaluation: Interpretation of findings

Pulse oximeter on a patient's finger

Important findings from three independent evaluations of the NHS COVID Oximetry @home programme completed by RSET and BRACE, the Improvement Analytics Unit (Health Foundation), and Imperial College London, have just been published and are now available to view as a slide set which is informing NHS England & Improvement’s decision-making on the use of pulse oximetry with COVID-19 patients.

Becoming the teacheR:
hopes & fears taking on the job at home

Becoming the teacher – hopes and fears taking on the job at home

As schools close, parents are now responsible for their child's education. Professor of Educational Leadership Colin Diamond offers 12 top tips to help you be the best teacher you can be.

Business as usual? Race, white privilege and COVID-19

Low angle shot of people on a crowded train

Kalwant Bhopal, Professor of Education and Social Justice: “If we are serious about addressing such inequalities and how white privilege works, we must look to improving the lives of BME communities…” 

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Small businesses and COVID-19: What are the effects and how can we help?
Prof. Colin Diamond - schools and the COVID 19 response
Prof. John Bryson - Coronavirus and the economic future

In the media

Forced migration, sexual and gender-based
violence and COVID-19, 20 May 2020
COVID-19 Briefing Series
International COVID-19 Policy Brief

(Authors: Sandra Pertek, Professor Jenny Phillimore and Pip McKnight)

COVID-19 and the past, present and the futures of work
Futures of Work, 5 May 2020
(Authors: Tony Dobbins)

After Coronavirus We Need a New Social Contract
Tribune Magazine, 2 May 2020
(Authors: Tony Dobbins)

COVID-19 and prisons – the response of England and Wales
University of Oxford Blog, 1 May 2020
(Author: Dr Anna Kotova)

Half the world's workers face losing their jobs, says ILO
Al Jazeera, 29 April 2020
(Contributor: John Bryson)

Coronavirus: what does it mean when the government says it is ‘following the science’?
The Conversation, 29 April 2020
(Authors: Sophie King-Hill and Martin Powell)

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From Poverty to Power, Oxfam GB, 21 April 2020
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The pandemic is being used to erode democratic freedoms. Civil society must fight back
Mail & Guardian (Africa), 17 April 2020
(Co-Author: Nic Cheeseman)

Coronavirus: extra police powers risk undermining public trust
The Conversation, 6 April 2020
(Co-Author: Alex Oaten)

Coronavirus: Williamson warned over grading 'injustice', 2 April 2020
(Contributors: David Gillborn, Kalwant Bhopal and Reza Gholam)

The far-reaching and long-lasting implications coronavirus will have on the future of the UK
Wales Online, 30 March 2020
(Contributors: David Dunn & Isabelle Szmigin)

Flexible working, digital dating and the new ‘normal’: predicting life after coronavirus
The Stylist, 28 March 2020
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Car production set to hit record low
The Telegraph, 27 March 2020
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Dealing with Coronavirus – how can we learn from Africa’s experience?
Sierra Leone Telegraph, 26 March 2020
(Contributor: Richard Black)

Coronavirus: how UK job retention plan borrows from collectivist Europe
The Conversation, 24 March 2020
(Author: Tony Dobbins)

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