BRACE Rapid Evaluation Centre

The Birmingham, RAND and Cambridge Evaluation (BRACE) Centre is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to conduct rapid evaluations of promising new services and innovations in healthcare. We aim to examine efforts to transform the organisation and delivery of health services, exploring their implementation, impacts, sustainability and potential for scale up across the NHS. 

BRACE is a collaboration between: 

The Centre’s core activities include:

  • Finding and choosing promising services to be evaluated.
  • Designing projects which examine: how were these services put into practice, did they achieve their goals, and could they be introduced across the NHS?
  • Sharing findings in engaging, accessible and informative ways, providing the kind of information that frontline staff and managers need to help them change and improve services.


The aim is to provide excellent, timely and really useful evidence for all those who are trying to improve and change health and social care.

Professor Judith Smith, Director of BRACE


BRACE is one of two rapid evaluation centres funded by the NIHR. The other centre – called RSET –  is a collaboration between University College London and the Nuffield Trust

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