Sustainable Procurement

The University of Birmingham spends over £300 million each year on a variety of construction projects, goods, and services which result in significant environmental, social, and economic impacts.

On campus, creating a sustainable environment and managing space that supports our staff and students is at the heart of our approach. We believe in building a campus that enables sustainable working practices and behaviours, facilitates community engagement, and enhances the experience of all who use our facilities. Procurement supports University staff to purchase goods and services and is therefore a large part of this vision.

Just some of the ways Procurement aims to support this include supporting jobs and skills development linked to Social Value, reducing packaging and waste, supporting a carbon neutral campus, and influencing our third party suppliers. Our Sustainable Procurement Strategy highlights how we link to regionally important agendas such as inclusive growth, sustainable transport and skills development. The University currently holds two accreditations for sustainable procurement practices, and continuous work is carried out to maintain these.

The University of Birmingham holds a Flexible Framework Level 5 accreditation and Procurement Maturity Assessment Superior Status.

Capital Plan

Learn how we make responsible decisions when choosing partners to work on construction projects with, one of our biggest areas of procurement and most significant carbon footprints currently, on our Build Higher Frameworks Page.