Fees for international students

The University charges an annual tuition fee, which covers the cost of your tuition, examination and graduation, and includes membership of the Guild of Students. Fees are payable at the start of your programme.

Do I pay home or international tuition fees?

UKCISA provides information on tuition fees to help you assess your fee status. This guide should give you a clear idea of whether you have a home or international student status.

The decision as to whether you will receive home fee status will be made by the University Admissions department. You need to meet all the requirements to be given home fee status. 

Tuition fee costs

The cost of your tuition fee depends on the programme you choose to study, and the level at which you study. If you are made an offer to study by the University, the yearly tuition fee will be quoted on your offer letter.

Standard international student fees 2015-2016

Standard international student fees for 2015-2016
 FeeUndergraduate        Postgraduate      
 Band A (clinical) £31,000 n/a £31,000
 Band B (laboratory) £17,145 £17,960 £17,365
 Band C £14,550 £16,070 £14,550
 Band D £13,195 £14,140 £13,195

Foundation Academy

£13,500 n/a n/a

Guide to fee bandings

Please note that this is only a guide, and many departments will have programmes that have non-standard fees. Your tuition fee will be confirmed on your offer letter.

Band A: Clinical
Clinical Dentistry *
Clinical Medical Education *
Clinical Physiotherapy*  

Band B: Laboratory
Computer Science
Dentistry *
Division of Environmental Health and Risk Management
Earth Sciences
Health Sciences (laboratory) *
Metallurgy and Materials
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
EPS - Others
Medical Education *
Physics and Astronomy
School of Biosciences
Geography & Environmental Sciences (laboratory) *

Band C
Psychology (classroom)
Psychology (laboratory)
Sport & Exercise Sciences
Accounting and Finance
School of Business

Band D
American & Canadian Studies 
Centre for English Language Studies 
Centre for Russian and East European Studies 
Centre for Urban and Regional Studies
Drama and Theatre Arts
Arts and Law
History of Art 
Institute of Applied Social Studies 
Ironbridge Institute 
Philosophy, Theology & Religion
School of Government and Society
Theology and Religion
Birmingham Archaeology
French Studies
German Studies
Hispanic Studies
Shakespeare Institute
West African Studies 
Italian Studies
Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity
Language, Culture, Art History and Music
Geography & Environmental Sciences (classroom) *
Health Sciences (classroom) *
Health Services Management Centre
Institute of Local Government Studies
International Development
Political Science & International Studies
School of Education
School of English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies

* Schools may require two price points

Please note that the fees for the full time MSc in Clinical Oncology programme will be £19,900 for 2014 entry.