The Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR)


The Birmingham Institute of Forest Research(BIFoR) is currently being established, bringing together BIFoR logo - Birmingham Institute of Forest Researchresearch groups from across campus.

BIFoR will focus on two linked challenges: 

Bud Burst - Spring Newsletter 2015
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Stay in touch

If you would like to be kept informed of BIFoR developments there are a number of ways to contact us:

Email:  - Read our newsletters
Twitter: @BIFoRUoB
This website:  -  Meet BIFoR at events & conferences

Current vacancies for Operations Manager and two Full-professorial Chairs (Co-Directors of the Institute)

RS Hydro have been contracted to provide a wide range of mobile monitoring equipment and two permanent water quality monitoring stations with telemetry capabilities at the BIFoR FACE Facility. Download the Case Study for more info (PDF 4Mb).