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9th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference- Birmingham 2013


  • Following a highly successful 8th International Smart Hydrogen & Fuel Cell conference in March 2012 - which attracted over 240 delegates and speakers to the NEC, from as far away as Shanghai and Canada - the organisers  announced that the 2013 conference would be doube the size of the event for thee 9th International Conference, Partnering and exhibition which was held in 20-21 March 2013.


10th European SOFC Forum- Lucerne  2012

  • The sole purpose of the European Fuel Cell Forum is the promotion of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies through conference, literature and media. It is an enabling, high level exchange platform providing scientific sessions, exhibition, tutorial as well as international project meeting support and recreational networking events at a very charming, inspirational location.


Toronto World Hydrogen Conference- Toronto 2012


  •  The world’s hydrogen and fuel cell community will come together in Toronto, Canada from June 3-7, 2012 for the World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2012 (WHEC2012). The event will be celebrating its 19th edition and will take place at the Sheraton Centre Toronto.

    Canada is a pioneer in the research, development and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Toronto, in particular, is home to leading companies and research institutions. WHEC2012 will host more than 1,000 attendees and include 450 presenters, 200 poster displays and delegates from more than 50 countries. WHEC2012 gives delegates and exhibitors numerous opportunities to network and partner with global leaders in the business, government and scientific communities. The WHEC2012 exhibition will feature a variety of hydrogen and fuel cell applications from companies and research institutions


University Poster Competition- June 2012

  • Amrit Chandan won 1st place in the university wide Research Poster Competition for his work on “A Novel Method of Visualising the Hydrogen System”. He then went on to become a finalist in the regional poster competition.


8th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference- Birmingham 2012


Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Conference- Mexico 2011

  • This conference focused on modern aspects and new developments of hydrogen, fuel cells and their applications and covered the following areas: Hydrogen Production and Materials, Materials for Hydrogen Storage, Fuel Cell Research and Development, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Applications and Hydrogen Safety Engineering.

International lecture series

  • As part of the centres commitment to collaborations with international partners, two world renowned researches visited the group. Dr Jack Brauer (UCI) and also Prof. Viola Birss (Calgary University) gave presentations to students highlighting recent breakthroughs.

Plan B Competition- May 2011

  • Two of the DTC’s researchers, Daniel Symes and Amrit Chandan won the Universities Plan B Business Idea competition for their idea involving renewable energies. They have come up with a process that involves improving the efficiency and reducing the emissions of the combustion engine thus leading to vast potential savings for consumers - saving money, saving time and helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

7th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference- March 2011

  • The this annual conference, held at the NEC, Birmingham gathered more than 230 scientists, students and industry representatives whose work is dedicated to the area of the hydrogen and fuel cells. Among the guests were well known research authorities such as Prof. Nigel Brandon from Imperial College London and Prof. Masahiro Watanabe from the Yamanashi University (Japan). Attendees had the opportunity to attend presentations, and to participate in one of four parallel workshops, but also to take a look at the International Partnering poster session, which consisted of 56 posters prepared by local and international students.


International Lecture Series

  • We were very privileged and honoured to host Professor Miyatake and Professor Masahiro Watanabe from the University of Yamanashi (Japan). Both Professors gave enlightening lectures on Fuel Cells and the work done at the University of Yamanashi and kindly invited DTC students to visit in the summer building upon the success of last years collaboration. We were also very pleased to welcome successful Fuel Cell entrepreneur Aaron Crumm from Ultra Electronics – AMI, USA and Norberto Fueyo together with María García Camprubí from Spain.

Dan Byles comes for a chat

  • Coventry West MP Dan Byles visited the group and was given a tour of the lab as well as a presentation from James Courtney. He thoroughly enjoyed the visit and in his following press release Dan said:

    “I was very impressed by my visit to the Centre for Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Research at Birmingham University. Bruno and his team are clearly passionate about their research, and what struck me was the focus not just on high tech research, but on developing practical and commercially viable applications. The potential for hybrid vehicles powered by both batteries and hydrogen fuel cells is really exciting, and the work being done right here in Birmingham and Coventry is at the cutting edge in
    this field.”

A visit to the Office for Low Emission Vehicles

  • Prof. Kevin Kendall, Dr Bruno Pollet and James Courtney were invited to visit the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, which is a part of the Department of Transport. While there they were given a talk about what the government plans were for Hydrogen Fuel Cells and what provisions would be made in the future.

A visit from Dame Cadbury Collage

  • Balraj Ghataore provided a short introduction to hydrogen fuel cells and their contribution to the prevention of climate change for 12 students from the local collage. Balraj started the morning with an introductory presentation talking about climate change, the concepts of hydrogen fuel cells and finally their applications. This was followed by a tour of the fuel cell labs leading to a successful day in which the students felt they learned something useful whilst having fun at the same time.

Outreach at the ThinkTank

  • Members of the group were invited to Birmingham ThinkTank to engage and educate parents and children about hydrogen, fuel cells and their applications. With half term upon us the event attracted over 500 attendees to discuss the ways in which energy will be generated in the future. Representatives from the fuel cells group demonstrated how hydrogen can power scaletrix toys and small lego demonstrations. They also discussed how these same principles could be scaled up to power houses, businesses and cars while having no emissions.

1st Annual DTC Conference

  • Cohort 1 students gave presentations outlining their work from their first year of studies. This was well received by guests from industry who gave very positive feedback and were impressed by the breadth and depth of the topics being covered. Academics from department all over the university were also present due to the interdisciplinary nature of much of the research.

International Fuel Cell Summer Seminar

  • The first IFCSS organised by Yamanashi University at the Kawaguchiko Park Hotel, Japan was attended by around 70 delegates from the 17-20th August 2010. Dr Aman Dhir, James Courtney and Paul Jennings were there, representing the Fuel Cell Group at Birmingham. James Courtney was chosen as one of the winners for the best poster prize.


  The Birmingham delegates with the with IFCSS organisers.

European Fuel Cell Forum

  • The 2010 SOFC Forum took place from the 29th June - 2nd July, at Lucerne’s “Kultur- und Kongresszentrum” in Switzerland, welcoming almost 400 attendees from industry and academia. Katie Howe attended, presenting a poster reviewing micro-tubular SOFC development in the literature.

Community Day

  • The university of Birmingham opened its doors to the wider community today (13th June) for the first time. The day saw 4,500 members of the general public descend onto campus. The campus was a hive of activity and for the first time in the centre's history a drive and ride was on offer in the hydrogen vehicles.

Community DayCommunity DayCommunity Day


Bruno meets Bruno

  • As part of the Universities Heroes campaign several posters and banners have appeared in the strangests of location: - London Underground to Birmingham international Airport.

 Bruno meets Bruno


Lord Mayors Parade

  • Birmingham inducted a new mayor today (31/5/10). As part of the induction a community event was held for all of Birmingham's citizens to come meet the new mayor. As part of the event the centre's hydrogen hybrid vehicle was on display. See video here.

Lord Mayors ParadeLord Mayors Parade


New science minister David Willets learns about Hydrogen

  • David Willetts MP, the new Minister of State for Universities and Science at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, has chosen the University of Birmingham as the location to deliver his first keynote speech since being appointed to the cabinet. (20/05/2010)

    Prior to the keynote speech, the Minister travelled in one of the University’s hydrogen powered cars to visit the School of Chemical Engineering's Centre for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research, and also meet key people from Birmingham Science City.

New science minister David Willets learns about HydrogenNew science minister David Willets learns about Hydrogen


Lord Peter Mandelson Drops in for a chat

  • The centre were privileged to host Lord Mandelson today (29th April) in the build up to the final prime ministeral debate. This was covered live on various news outlets, predominantly BBC news 24. Lord Mandelson was driven in a Hydrogen Vehicle to the centre where he was shown the technology and the students behind it.

Lord Peter Mandelson Drops in for a chat

Lord Peter Mandelson Drops in for a chat

Lord Peter Mandelson Drops in for a chat

Lord Peter Mandelson Drops in for a chat


Hydrogen cars in prime ministerial support

  • To mark the third and final leaders debate the centre deployed the Blue, Res & Yellow hydrogen vehicles in support of the three main parties.

Hydrogen cars in prime ministerial support

Hydrogen cars in prime ministerial support


Sustainability Live 2010

  • The group kept up with tradition an was out in force at this years sustainability live. Dr Bruno G. Pollet and Mr Nathan Shang gave a seminar on Hydrogen transport.


Alan Johnson Visits

  • Alan Johnson visited the group today. He was joined by Ian Austin and Gisela Stuart. They officially launched labours regional manifesto. Alan was given a guided tour of the research facilities, he learnt more about hydrogen and fuel cells.

Alan Johnson Visits

Left to Right: Gisela Stuart (Labour MP), Alan Johnson (Home Secretary), Prof. David Eastwood (Vice Chancellor UoB), Ian Austin (Labour MP).

Alan Johnson Visits

MEG 2010

  • Representatives from the University of Birmingham’s Centre for Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Research attended the Midlands Electrochemisty Group (MEG) Conference at Leicester University on the 19th April. During the day, Doctoral Researchers from a variety of Universities from across the midlands delivered a series of electrochemical presentations. Oliver Curnick and Dr Shangfeng Du who are both focussing on the optimisation of the Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) for hydrogen fuel cells also gave valuable contributions. Research posters further illustrated the breadth and depth of electrochemical research in the midlands from fingerprint analysis to PPY coated cellulose microfibrils as conductive substitutes for carbon nanotubes.


Building a hydrogen & Fuel Cells Future

  • 25th March saw the 6th annual Building a hydrogen & Fuel Cells Future conference at the NEC. It was attended by 240 visitors, and showcased work from around the world. Presentations were given by Prof Jack Brower, Prof Wang and Dr R.N Basu. Presentations can be found Here.
Building a hydrogen & Fuel Cells Future



  • The first batch of 25 cars for the cabled project was delivered today (12/12/09). These Mitsubishi electric vehicles will be driven by the general public as part of the 110 vehicle low emissions demonstration. Prof Kevin Kendall and Dr Waldek Bujalski are 2 of these drivers.

    Below are a few pictures from the launch.


Kevin and Waldek with Quentin Wilson


Kevin and Waldek with Mr Genichiro Nishina CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Europe