Civil Engineering research

We tackle the problems faced by society today: we aim to develop the knowledge and tools to build the communities of the future. Many of our projects have already had a significant impact on society; the impact of others will be felt by generations to come.

Our research supports core themes of Transport, and Resilience and Sustainability and is clustered into four research groups:

We work closely with industry, charities and research councils to encourage innovative thinking which has an impact on our lives. As a result we are proud of our heritage of internationally-recognised, multidisciplinary research in a stimulating research environment. Learn more about the School of Civil Engineering.

Contact us

To discuss research, please contact Professor John Bridgeman, Director of Research, on If your business would like to exploit the research in the following pages, please contact Dr David Boardman, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Tel +44(0)121 414 5086, Email to discuss your idea and explore funding.

We welcome research enquiries at any time and recruit a significant number of doctoral and Masters studentships each year. Please search through our online research resource

We offer a limited number of scholarships for Post Graduate Teaching Assistants (PGTA), mainly for UK/EC students but occasionally for well qualified overseas students. Further details can be obtained from the Postgraduate Research Administrator, Miss Helen Booth, who can be contacted at: Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT, United KingdomTel: (+44) (0) 121 414 4160, Fax: (+44) (0) 121 414 7484, Email: