Postgraduate courses

Module-based Masters Degree in General Dental PracticeTrevor Burke

As part of its programme to promote stronger interactions between the School of Dentistry and general dental practitioners, the University of Birmingham runs a Masters Degree in General Dental Practice.

This qualification is based on a series of modules, which can be taken part-time over a period of up to five years. The course includes 60 credits of core modules, the successful completion of which will result in a Postgraduate Higher Education Certificate in General Dental Practice. The successful finishing of a further six modules, selected from a range of options, can then lead to a Postgraduate Higher Education Diploma.

To obtain 10 credits students will need to complete 100 hours of learning and, on average, it is anticipated that each module will contain about 30 hours teaching with the remaining 70 of the learning being self-directed. After completing the Diploma, students will undertake two MGDS-style log diaries and a research project, which will complete their studies and lead to the award of the full Master's degree.

The School launched the majority of the core modules in the academic year 2001/02. The other core modules and the majority of the optional modules were available from 2002/03. The majority of the students on this degree course will complete within 5 years although some may complete in a shorter period. Broadly speaking, students will need to commit the equivalent of 1 day per week to this programme.

Advanced General Dental Practice MSc/Postgraduate Diploma
Advanced General Dental Practice MSc (Distance Learning)