Dr Anissa Daoudi

Dr Anissa Daoudi

Lecturer in Arabic and Translation Studies
Language Co-ordinator for Arabic

I am currently Head of the Arabic section of Languages for All.

I am also the Project Convenor for the British Academy International Partnership and Hans Seidal (Tunisia) funded research network: We are organising a conference ‘Arabic and Gender Discourse(s) in the Arabic-speaking region’, scheduled for the 29 March 2013, bringing together international scholars working on the ...

Nieves Díaz-Cueva

Nieves Díaz-Cueva

LCAHM Senior Welfare Tutor Officer
Language Co-ordinator for Spanish

I have been teaching languages in Higher Education for almost 20 years.  For as long as I can remember languages and culture(s) have been the main focus of my interests and my career.

Mr Fumitsugu Enokida

Language Tutor in Japanese

I have been teaching Japanese as a foreign language at the University of Birmingham since 1999. I teach all levels to a wide range of students from undergraduate students to the public. My role also includes a committee member of the BATJ Speech Content for University Students and OCR External Verifier as well as Assessor of the QCB/NVQ for Japanese.

Sophie Gavrois

Language Tutor in French

I am a native speaker of French and come from Saint-Etienne, France. I joined the Centre for Modern Languages in 2003. I enjoy very much teaching French, as a foreign language or as native or second language, and I have 18 years of teaching experience.

Emilie Grinan

Language Tutor in French

I have been teaching French at the Centre for Modern Languages since 2006, to Open Access and MOMD students. I previously worked at Nottingham Trent University and the University of Franche-Comté (France).

Mariela Knowles

Language Tutor in Spanish

I am a native speaker of Spanish and I was born in Argentina. I trained as a language teacher and have over 15 years teaching experience  at all levels, from children as young as 3 to adults. I have been teaching Spanish at the University of Birmingham since 2004.

Valérie Leick

Valérie Leick

Language Co-ordinator for French

A language teacher for 23 years, I am still learning a lot from every new student. I enjoy sharing my native language and culture but above all I derive a lot of satisfaction from inspiring students to become a good language tutor for themselves and keep learning beyond their university years.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul” - Charlemagne

Miss Li Li

Mandarin Chinese Tutor

I am a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese and I enjoy language teaching, interpreting and translating.

Ulrike Mynette

Ulrike Mynette

Language Tutor in German / Erasmus Coordinator

I first came to Birmingham with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in 1987 to work at Aston University as a Lektorin. Since then I have taught German language classes at a huge variety of institutions from pimary schools to in compamy training. I have worked at the University of Birmingham for some 15 years now.

In August 2010, I started to work as an Erasmus coordinator for incoming ...

Ms Junko Ogawa

Language Co-ordinator for Japanese

I have been teaching Japanese as a foreign language in Higher Education over 15 years. I am responsible for all aspects of Japanese language programmes including module development, year abroad and internship programme in Japan.

Amparo Pick

Amparo Pick

Language Tutor in Spanish

I am a tutor in Spanish for the Department of Modern Languages since September 2001. I previously worked for the Department of Development Administration in the School of Public Policy on a European Commission project and in European Marketing.

Wibke Rickers

Language Tutor in German

I am a language tutor in German in the Centre for Modern Languages. I teach German across the full range of language levels, academic as well as Open Access. In addition I am the co-ordinator for German language Open Access programme

Xiaolong Tang

Language Co-ordinator for Chinese

I have been involved with almost all aspects of the undergraduate teaching of Chinese Mandarin and frequently assume a lead role in both the development and organisation of course modules.

Dietmar Wozniak

Director and Language Co-ordinator for German

As director of Languages for All I have overall responsibility for the team’s activities and the University's Institute Wide Language Programme (IWLP). In addition, I teach German language at all levels and offer modules on German politics.