Pentecostalism and the Transformation of World Christianity

Posted on Thursday 10th November 2011

Heather Williams (Year 2, BA Theology) was awarded an undergraduate research scholarship by the College of Arts and Law in summer 2011 to assist Professor Allan Anderson (Theology and Religion) in a book research project examining the phenomenon of Pentecostalism and its influence on the demographics and nature of world Christianity in the twentieth century.

Pentecostalism is a entrepreneurial Christian movement of great variety, promoting voluntary associations, creating new communities in impersonal cities and with a propensity to multiple schisms. Its focus on spiritual experience and 'supernatural' gifts has altered Christianity fundamentally, especially in the non-western world, where it is strongest.

The research has resulted in the completion of a book titled To the Ends of the Earth: Pentecsotalism and the Transformation of World Christianity, which is in the process of publication by Oxford University Press in New York later in 2012. which is in the process of publication by Oxford University Press in New York later in 2012.

Heather Williams said, 'The undergraduate research scholarship is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to engage further in their degree. I was very pleased when I was awarded the scholarship as I had a real interest in Pentecostalism and wanted to gain a wider understanding of the subject. By assisting in the research, I gained research and analytical skills which have benefited me hugely in my essays and my dissertation. I would recommend the scholarship to any undergraduate student who wants to expand their knowledge of a subject further and wants to gain the experience of being a research assistant. If you want a career in research this is definately a opportunity you should not ignore!'