First year Spanish language modules 

Spanish Language

Taught by a team of native Spanish speakers, the three weekly contact hours integrate the “four skills” of listening, speaking, reading and writing and emphasise form by targeting essential structures for intensive practice within a communicative context. The module aims to consolidate and expand the level of proficiency in Spanish attained in A-level in each of the four skills and to improve discourse competence (writing and speaking). By the end of the module students should be able to engage in formal and informal conversation with native speakers; to understand the main ideas of written texts in different genres containing both concrete and abstract topics; to produce coherent and well-structured written texts using paragraphs and cohesion to organise and link sentences; to understand aural information using a variety of listening skills; to acquire and apply skills for independent learning; and to monitor their own learning process.

Intensive Spanish Language A & B

An intensive ab initio Spanish language course that focuses primarily on giving students the necessary organisational competence to be able to cope with levels I (Year 2) and H (Year 4) in Hispanic Studies. The module is constituted as two 20-credit, one-semester, units, each taught by six classes each week. Two of these hours are dedicated to Grammar and present the grammatical points included in the syllabus by focusing on form within a communicative context. Two more hours serve to reinforce structures and vocabulary aurally/orally and to introduce the students to material that is particular to aural/oral contexts. A further hour introduces students to the online course that supports the module, developing strategies for reading comprehension, translation skills and specific items of grammar and vocabulary. The final hour is devoted to the study of four significant Hispanic literary texts: Lorca’s Blood Wedding/Bodas de Sangre and the classic Lazarillo de Tormes, in Semester 1; and García Márquez’s No One Writes to the Colonel/El coronel no tiene quien le escriba and Sender’s Réquiem por un campesino español/Requiem for a Spanish Peasant, in Semester 2. Semester 1 texts are read in parallel text versions (Spanish and English), whilst the texts for Semester 2 are studied in Spanish, though translation of Marquez’s novel is available. Students are required to do preparation between classes, and they should expect to devote between 3 and 5 hours per week to on-line study (WebCT Spanish Ab Initio Language Course).