Information for students aged under 18 who are joining the Birmingham International Academy

This information must be read by all students who are under 18 at the time of applying to study at the Birmingham International Academy.


The Birmingham International Academy admits students who are under 18 (but older than 16) who are mature and responsible enough to study in a large university and can live independently. We provide the following support to 16 - 17 year old students.

Arrival and induction

We aim to ensure your safe arrival at Birmingham and will ask for your travel details. We ask you to use our airport collection service or alternatively to use a taxi service recommended by us.

Within the first few days here the BIA Safeguarding Officer will give a workshop that you are required to attend which will cover the following:

  •  How we monitor your attendance and make sure you are safe and why it is important to attend class regularly.
  • How to look after yourself.
  • Guidance on safety and security and sensible behaviour.
  • How to access health care in the UK.
  • Legal advice about alcohol, tobacco, drugs and gambling laws.
  • Emergency contact details for the university and the BIA.
  • Do and Don’ts of living in the UK.

 You will also discuss many of these issues in class with your tutors.

Contact details

It is important that we know your contact details before you arrive in the UK. This includes your address, email and your UK mobile phone number. You must tell us if you change these whilst you are with us.

University Security can be contacted 24 hours a day. Out of hours you can also contact the Duty Manager at the Vale.

The Birmingham International Academy can be contacted during working hours on 0121 414 5697.


All students under 18 years old who do not have family in Birmingham are required to live in University managed accommodation which is supervised 24 hours a day by appropriately trained staff. The ratio of supervising adults to under-18 students is 1:20. Students must use pre-paid meal plans unless alternative arrangements are confirmed in writing by the parents or legal guardians.

Attendance and monitoring

Attendance at class is monitored daily. Outside of taught periods students are required to check in daily with our programmes administrator. Any explained absence will be investigated on the same day.


All staff who are regular contact with students under the age of 18 will have an advanced disclosure check undertaken by the Disclosure and Barring Service. This check is coordinated by the UK government and provides employers with information on the criminal history of their staff. All staff at the BIA have passed the check and most have taken additional training in how to safeguard young people.

The BIA has a number of designated safeguarding officers who will deal with any allegation of abuse or concerns about safety. The University’s Safeguarding Policy is available online in PDF form (201 KB)

Social events

All BIA trips and residential courses are organised with the care and safety of under-18s in mind. A risk assessment is carried out by a suitably trained officer for all excursions. These events and the centres we use all have appropriately trained and DBS checked staff. There are appropriate ratios of adults to under-18s.

The University allows students under 18 to take part in most of the events, societies and sports on offer. However, there are some restrictions concerning specific events with alcohol or where the University feels that the activity involved, though legal, is not suitable for under-18s. The BIA and the Student Guild will inform you of what is suitable for under-18s to take part in.