Student life at Birmingham

There is a thriving student community at Birmingham and we very much look forward to you being part of it.

To hear what student life is like for our students, have a look at what our students say. Also, if you are unable to travel to campus yourself, visit our You Tube Channel to watch films of our beautiful campus.

Student societies

Many nationality groups form student societies during their time at the University of Birmingham. This is an excellent way to keep in contact with home and also provides an opportunity to highlight your culture and customs in the UK.

Student societies are also a useful point of contact for prospective students to Birmingham who may want to contact current students for information.

For a full list of student societies please visit the Birmingham Guild of Students website.

What our students have to say...

Zainab Talib Al-Sharify, PhD in Chemical Engineering "I chose Birmingham University because it is one of the most famous universities around the world, and since childhood I had a dream to study at Birmingham University like my Dad - he did his M.Sc. and PhD at Birmingham University, I lived with him in Birmingham for five years during his study, and since that time I worked hard to get a scholarship to do my PhD in Birmingham…. I love Birmingham University and all the people here.

The first six months of my study were the most challenging part of my study and I needed support from my supervisor, he was really helpful and he encouraged me always. After that I really enjoy my work especially the experimental work even some times if the result is not that good and I repeat them to double check the result I feel happy to do them.

I am living in private flat with my lovely husband. I like the beautiful garden in front of my flat.

I love Birmingham, everything here are wonderful, the people, the nature, the shops…etc. I can't count everything that I like in Birmingham because there are so many things that you can talk about Birmingham.

I enjoy helping other people, and I joined my colleagues in the Brim Dine with me in Brindley Place as a volunteer, I was really happy and I enjoyed every second of that day. I would be really happy if I can help with any other work for the University as a volunteer or as a part in a conference work.

I would like to say to any student think to study in UK ….if you want to build your future come to Birmingham University, you will enjoy your time during studying.

It is really a good opportunity to study in Birmingham, you will learn everything you need in the subject you like and you will learn from the environment as well, you will enjoy life in Birmingham - the students and staff are so kind and helpful."