Green Community

Creating more good, for people and the environment…

Green Community banner with the words: 'A sustainable living option that is affordable and unique'

The Green Community is an exciting place to live and is home to 184 students that share a passion for sustainability.

Set in a gated complex at Tennis Courts on the Vale, the Green Community features it’s very own courtyard, 272 solar panels on its roof, 12 apple trees, living walls, bird boxes and so much more.

A lovely place to stay and it definitely lives up to the idea of a 'community' and feels that way. - Ryan, 2016

By living with 184 likeminded people and as a resident of the Green Community you’ll have the opportunity to volunteer for a charity, monitor energy usage, organise your own sustainability events or leave a legacy by working with our accommodation team to install new features in the area for future students.

Table and chairs in one of the Green Community's social rooms

A mother and father with their daughter, holding up an life-sized Instagram frame on moving in day



“Everyone has been really friendly and sociable so it was super easy to form true friendships. It's odd but we all feel like we have known one another for months already, it's only been four weeks!”

How to Apply?

Apply to live in the Green Community through the Living application process.

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