Get Involved

The University’s award winning community project Junkbusters needs your help.

From Monday, 4 June 2018 and then selected Mondays and Fridays in June we’re looking for staff and students to collect unwanted items left in donation bags from students living in the Selly Oak area between 12 noon and 14.00.

To thank all the volunteers for their help on Junkbusters the Guild of Students will be providing a Thank You lunch on Wednesday 20th June from 12-2pm at the Guild

Again we will be operating a “pop up” station where people can bring their unwanted items to a specific location. A series of dates across Mondays and Fridays will be used for doorstep collections, with the Friday dates also offering the pop-up stations. The Monday and Friday collections would operate 12 noon – 14.00, with the pop-up station operating 11.00 – 15.00

We will also be working with B30 Foodbank to collect food donations from students in Selly Oak on Fridays 1, 8, 15 and 22 June

Junkbusters is a joint initiative between Environmental Services and The Guild of Students that collects donations from students, staff & residents, and more recently, residents living in Bournbrook and Selly Oak. All items that are donated are then resold by The British Heart Foundation (BHF).

With students moving out of rented accommodation in these areas in the coming weeks, an increase in the amount of unwanted items will become available, making it the perfect time to rev up the milk float and start collecting those items.

So why not grab a friend, pick-a-date and email your interest to either Peter Larkin, p.j.larkin@bham.ac.uk or Rob Netherway, Community Warden Co-ordinator, r.netherway@guild.bham.ac.uk


Junk busting collection dates 2018:

  • Monday 4 June
  • Friday 8th June
  • Monday 11th June
  • Friday 15th June
  • Monday 18th June
  • Friday 22nd June
  • Monday 25th June
  • Friday 29th June
  • Saturday 30th June 

Your time really makes a difference locally

Since Junkbusters began in 2012, over £150,000 has been raised from unwanted items. By volunteering your time to collect unwanted items such as books, CDs, DVDs and household objects you’ve helped to fund a number of local initiatives, including;

    • We estimate that a bag of donations from a student could be worth as much as £14
    • 10 bags could nurse a broken heart by funding a full day's BHF Heart Nursing care. In this time a Heart Nurse could care for up to six patients to help them manage their condition and prevent further hospital re-admissions
    • 100 bags could help find a cure by funding one of our young scientists for seven days
    • 1000 bags could Help 40 young heart patients to gain independence, new skills and confidence whilst meeting other young heart patients

In the last 12 months, our donations to the BHF have helped fund:

    • 36 Heart Start Schemes
    • 405 Defibrillators Awarded
    • 355,406 Free Heart Health Resources
    • 12 Heart Start Groups
    • 217 Establishments CPR trained
    • 12 BHF Retail shops
    • Securing over £11.4million in research grants for the University of Birmingham