Decide what to do after graduation

Many people graduate without being certain of what they want to do in their careers.

The information below will help you to develop more of an understanding of what you would like to do in your career. Remember that you can get help from Careers Network for up to two years after graduating. 

Making career choices

Building your experience

Postgraduate study

Taking time out

  • Taking time out can be a really good option – take a look at our taking time out webpages for information on what employers think and how other graduates have used their time out.
  • Visit our time out and gap year resources web page for links to websites that provide information about taking time out to go travelling, volunteering abroad and in the UK, expeditions, paid work in the UK and abroad and short courses.

Working for yourself

  • Take a look at our working for yourself webpage to find out if this option is right for you.
  • If you want to establish your own company, explore freelance work or have a portfolio career, see how our B-Enterprising team can help you.