Events & opportunities for graduates

We welcome both undergraduates and graduates to our Careers Network events here on campus at the University of Birmingham.

As a graduate, you still have access to our many events including, employer presentations, careers fairs and workshops - you can even apply to exclusive internships and Careers mentoring shemes

Event highlights

You will need to create a graduate account on Careers Connect to view details of these events and to sign up.


Careers Network offer exclusive internships for graduates with local start-ups, social enterprises and SMEs through our Impact Internships Programme. This programme opens in two cycles with opportunities, once during the autumn and again for summer term. Please see our website for further details or to register your interest.

Graduates can also logon to Careers Connect for the latest graduate internships and jobs. You will need to have a graduate account on Careers Connect to gain access.

Mentoring schemes

We have hundreds of mentors who have volunteered their time to help you find a career that suits your strengths and interests. Having a mentor will help you:

  • Gain advice from professionals working in an area you hope to pursue;
  • Seek top tips on how to utilise your university experience in order to support your career journey;
  • Build your network, which will support you to make informed decisions.