Volunteer of the Month

We are honoured to have hundreds of amazing volunteers who generously share their time, skills and experience to help and progress current students.

To better identify the impact our volunteers make, we have launched a Volunteer of the Month scheme to recognise those passionate individuals who go the extra mile.

October 2017 - EPS Class Ambassadors

Oct-2017-VotMThese 17 wonderful young alumni all volunteered for the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Open Day on Saturday 14 October. All graduated within the last two years and are Class Ambassadors for the EPS Community.

They are wonderful advocates for the University and remain incredibly enthusiastic about their time at Birmingham. Amongst them they did some incredible things as students and have gone on to exciting new jobs.

They spent the day sharing stories and advice to prospective students to the University and inspiring our visitors to follow in their footsteps.

Many thanks to: Grace Hayward, Max Cameron-Jones, Will Davies, Alex Rees, Chloe Connolly, Carly Thomas, Becky Drew, Sarah Jones, Tsani Sakutov, Ahmad Khattab, Saskia Binks, Daisy Partlow, Nathanial Hutchinson, Joseph Carter, Hazel Cox, Tom Loveland, and Philippa Jefferies. Some of the group are pictured above at the Open Day.

September 2017 - Will Hazelton

Sept 2017 VotMWhat is your current job?
I am Account Manager at Spark44 BHX.

Why do you volunteer?
I didn’t consciously realise I was volunteering. All I knew was that it is vital to give opportunities to students, as they’re brimming with fresh thinking and new ideas. This is critical, not just for the creative industry, but businesses all over the world.

In what capacity do you volunteer?
I lead a team who developed a robust internship programme, partnered with two key universities and recruited six fantastic students for two weeks. I then coached and mentored them throughout their placement with us here at Spark44. Although I didn’t realise I was consciously doing so, the time I volunteered was incredibly stimulating and hugely rewarding to me and the students involved in the programme.

What is the best thing about volunteering?
Developing relationships and watching people benefit from your experience. It’s hugely rewarding to impart your knowledge and see other people breathe and interpret it to benefit them in their own way.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about volunteering?
Don't think about it as a timescale, i.e. I need to donate x hours per week. Think about it as a project - what do you want to achieve? What do you want to learn? This way it becomes an experience, not a chore.

August 2017 - Keith Harding

Aug 2017 VotMWhat is your current job?
I am retired.

How long have you volunteered for the University, and in what capacity?
I have served as editor of Aesculapius, the Medical and Dental Graduates’ publication, for seven years. I volunteered as a member of the editorial board and of the Sands Cox charity Exec committee.

Why do you volunteer?
I volunteered because no-one else did (!) but I enjoy it very much. It keeps my retired brain active and is a contribution to the Medical School.

What is the best thing about volunteering?
Aesculapius provides a forum for Medical and Dental graduates to tell others about their interests and allows student holders of Sands Cox bursaries to publish their elective, to present it and be questioned by a multi-disciplinary audience, which I think is wonderful experience for them. I might add that the standard is very high.