Every two seconds another person has to leave their home to escape war, violence or persecution.  

Image of crowded boat on horizon of ocean, under yellow sun, with the words Birmingham in Solidarity

It’s difficult to imagine what forces someone to leave their home, friends and everything they own, and put their family through a dangerous journey. Many communities throughout the UK are determined to offer a warm welcome, but they may not have the broad range of knowledge and skills needed to offer the type of help refugees need.

You can help local community groups gain this knowledge and skills. Your support can help our academics understand the challenges traumatised families face, and give community groups the knowledge they need to help them find healthcare, education and employment.

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How alumni are supporting vital work on migration 

‘The moment we heard about the work of the migration studies team, we were hooked, as protecting people from further violence as they flee from war and persecution at home is such important work. We have made a gift to support this vital work because now is the time for the UK to show how it can help make the world a better place. As the research progresses, we will be working with our friends and networks to help spread the word and increase its impact.’

Alumnus Tony Langham (BA Medieval and Modern History, 1982) and Clare Parsons, co-founders of leading reputation management and public relations firm, Lansons.