Dubai application FAQs

Our frequently asked questions provide accurate and detailed information for prospective students, covering application process, admission requirements, and other key aspects for September 2023 entry at our Dubai campus. 

General FAQs

Is the University of Birmingham Dubai a franchise?

We are not a franchise; the University of Birmingham has established itself within the International Education Hub in Dubai.

Are the facilities and equipment same as the UK campus?

Our campus space has been developed and tailored to complement the programmes that we offer in Dubai.

Our Phase 1 site opened in autumn of 2017 and marked us out as the first global top 100 and Russell Group University to establish a campus in Dubai. We now occupy a prominent position at the heart of Academic City, following the completion of Phase 2, with the opening of our new campus in 2022.

Where are the University of Birmingham Dubai faculty from?

70% of staff live and work here in Dubai and 30% are flying faculty from the UK.

Will my degree be awarded by the University of Birmingham?

When you graduate from the University of Birmingham Dubai, your transcript will say Dubai, but you will be awarded a University of Birmingham degree certificate, which will only mention the UK. 

How do I request more information?

To find out more information about the University of Birmingham Dubai you can register your interest and download our Dubai prospectus.

Alternatively you can email us at

Undergraduate and postgraduate FAQs

What undergraduate courses are available to study at the University of Birmingham Dubai?

What postgraduate courses are available to study at the University of Birmingham Dubai?

Are these programmes the same as taught at your UK campus?

Yes, programmes contain the same set of compulsory modules as taught at our Birmingham campus in the UK.

Are there part-time study options?

We offer a range of part-time postgraduate courses which are taught over evening and weekends. Please refer to course pages for further information.

See a full list of our postgraduate programmes

What is the foundation year and what will be taught?

A foundation year is a year for those who have not completed 13 years of education as per the British curriculum, it has been designed as a preparation year for the first year of studies.

What is the difference between the three and four year degree programmes?

Our four-year programmes include an integrated entry year, which you may need to take depending on your previous study (for example if you have taken 12 years of previous study, rather than 13).  We will ensure that you are fully prepared for your undergraduate programme, immersing you in the University environment.

View all of our programmes on our course listing page

Where can I find out more information on each of the programmes?

Tuition fees, entry requirements, modules, and more can be found on each of the course pages.

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What are your entry requirements?

Please visit your chosen programme page to find out more about our entry requirements.

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Can I study in the UK?

If you are successful in obtaining a place to study as an undergraduate at the University of Birmingham Dubai, you will have the opportunity to apply to spend the second year of your chosen programme in the UK at our Birmingham campus.

Explore studying in the UK at our Birmingham campus

Can I transfer to the UK campus?

We do not offer transfers, for most of our UG programmes, the student can take part in an exchange year which means they will study their second at our beautiful Edgbaston campus in the UK. We require 60% to be achieved over two semesters in Year 1. For the programmes listed below there is also a 20% cohort threshold.

  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science
  • MEng Computer Science & Software Engineering (if student wants to go in 2nd year part of UG, noting the last year is also in the UK mandatory)

This is to maintain the vibrancy of our student cohort and community.  

Can students stay in the country after graduation?

No, your visa will be cancelled upon graduation, upon cancellation you will have 30 days to leave the country, unless you have been sponsored by a family member or employer. 

What are your term dates?

Our academic terms starts on Monday 25th September 2023, you may be required to attend earlier depending on your chosen programme. More information will be provided in your offer letter.

View University of Birmingham Dubai term dates

Fees and funding FAQs

What are the tuition fees for your undergraduate programmes?

For undergraduate students the fees paid in your first year will remain the same across all years of study. Tuition fee information is listed on the course page.

See a full list of our undergraduate programmes on our undergraduate courses page

Find out more on tuition fees

What are the tuition fees for your postgraduate programmes?

For all postgraduate programmes, students will be charged per year of study. Tuition fee information is listed on the course page.

See a full list of our postgraduate programmes on our postgraduate courses page

Find out more on tuition fees

Can I pay the tuition fees in instalments?

Yes, you can pay the full fee or in instalment on the following dates (upon request once you join):

  • 1st November 2023
  • 1st February 2024
  • 1st May 2024

Are the tuition fees the same as the UK?

Yes, they are same as the UK campus as we deliver the same content and high-quality education as our home campus, the main different is cohort sizes, we have a smaller student to staff ratio when it comes to teaching. We also offer several scholarships to benefit those who choose to study with us.

What scholarships do you offer, and how do I apply?

We offer several scholarships.

You do not apply for a scholarship. Students must fill out an online application form to study with us (free of charge), upload your transcripts and if eligible you will receive a conditional offer within 5 – 10 working days. In parallel your application will be reviewed by our scholarship team who will notify you directly via email about your eligibility.

Visit our scholarships page

Do scholarships apply to all years of study?

We have several scholarships available, but not all scholarships apply to all years of study. 

The Chancellors academic merit scholarship (based on predicted grades, applies to all years of study except for the Undergraduate Students who are on 2+2 and 2+1 programmes.

  • BSc Biomedical Science (last year in the UK)
  • MSci Biomedical (last two years in the UK)
  • MEng Computer Science and Software Engineering (last year in the UK)
  • Meng Mechanical Engineering (last two years in the UK)

Our advanced award scholarship applies to year one only (once the student accepts and pays the deposit before the deadline) and if scholarships are combined they should not exceed 40%. Further information can be found on our scholarships page.

For PG programmes, the advanced award applies to the total tuition fees (irrespective of being a FT or PT course). 

Do students have to maintain a GPA for their scholarship?

No, students do not have to maintain a GPA or grades once they join, it also is automatic and does not have to be renewed.

Is there support available for my visa application?

We offer students support with their visa applications.

Find out more about the visa process

Is there visa support for the exchange year to the UK campus?

We have the IST (International student team) based in the UK which can provide visa support for your exchange year in the UK.

Are there any additional costs involved when studying?

Additional costs whilst studying at our Dubai campus may include:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Visa
  • Medical insurance
  • Additional books (only if required)

Visit our cost of living page

Application FAQs

How do I apply?

Choosing to study with the University of Birmingham at our Dubai campus is an exciting decision and you may have many questions on how to apply and what to do next.

Follow the steps outlined on our 'how to apply' page

Do you need to apply via UCAS?

You do not need to apply via UCAS.

Follow the steps outlined on our 'how to apply' page

Do I need my final grades to apply?

No, you can apply before you have your final grades but they will be required for your offer to be made unconditional and subsequently accept your place.

When will I receive a decision?

You will receive a decision within 10 working days of your application being received.

If you have not received an offer after this period, please for support. This email inbox can also be used for any support with the application process. 

Does my application to the Dubai campus count towards one of my UCAS choices?

As you are not applying via UCAS this does not count towards one of your five choices.

I am an international student and the entry requirements are not listed?

Please refer to our international pages and view entry requirements for specific information for your country or region.

When and how do I pay the deposit?

Once you receive your offer letter from us, you will be able to make your deposit payment of AED 5,000 via HSBC. This is required to secure their place on the programme this is non-refundable unless the student is unable to meet our entry requirements. 

You may pay your deposit via bank transfer, or noqoodi payment link if you are based in the UAE. 

Visit our tuition fees page to find our payment details

In exceptional circumstances, a deposit may also be refunded if you are prevented from commencing your studies by matters outside your control (other than those referred to above), for example a change in your personal circumstances including your ability to fund your studies, a serious illness or a death in your immediate family.  The University reserves the right to deduct an administration fee of £100 from the deposit in these circumstances.

There is a date in my offer letter to accept or decline my place, what do I do if I need extra time to make a decision?

We would encourage you to accept your place by the date stated on your letter. However, if you do require extra time please contact us using the details provided within your offer letter.

Why does the offer letter mention the full fees and not the scholarship?

Our offer letters are issued as standard to all with the full tuition fees, the scholarship letter will have details of your entitlement which is kept on record.

Is there a deadline for applying?

There is no deadline for applying, but if you are applying from outside the UAE you will need to allow sufficient time to process your study visa.

What is the deadline for visas for International students?

21st August 2023, from 1st September onwards it will be in country express visa only.

Visit our visa process page for information visa costs

Is medical insurance provided?

Yes, we do provide medical insurance, but only to university sponsored students. 

Visit our visa process page for information on medical insurance

Accommodation FAQs

What accommodation options are there?

We work with 4 accomodation providers based in the local vicinity. Myriad, KSK Homes, Yugo and DSOA.

Explore our accomodation 

Student experience FAQs

What careers support do you provide?

The Careers and Employer Engagement Service at the University of Birmingham Dubai work with a number of prestigious employers within the region. We work with employers and business who can support our students through a variety of activities including industry insight through workshops, mentoring, alumni networking and engagement, internships and graduate opportunities. We have successfully worked with Barclays Bank to establish and enable an annual programme of mentoring for women interested in business. We are excited to have 6 more students and graduates paired with senior Barclays staff to begin our 2023 programme. As well as Barclays, in 2023 we will be launching our Dubai alumni mentoring programme, pairing successful alumni based in the UAE with students across our subject disciplines.

Our students have had the opportunity to work at several businesses across a range of disciplines through internships made available to the University of Birmingham Dubai including copywriter roles at Wunderman Thompson, Assistant Engineers at Atkins & Partners and Marketing Interns at LEGO. In the past students have successfully gained internships at Dubai Police, Jaguar Land Rover and Estee Lauder to name but a few.

As well as employer based opportunities, we have a number of opportunities for students to explore entrepreneurship and freelance work through our student group The Innovators Hub as well as targeted Entrepreneurship activity. We have expert business owners coming and speaking with our students, including the Managing Director for Microsoft Start Ups, the Founder of Blossom and the CEO of Creative Zone.

What extra-curricular clubs/societies are available for the students?

A Student Association team (six current students) who advocate for the students, collect feedback, and arrange student led events.

Events this year have included: Welcome week, Halloween, UAE National Day, Christmas Celebration, UoBe Festival, Valentine's Day, International Women's Day, Welcoming Ramadan Celebration and much more.

We have arranged trips to: 

  • Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque and Presidential Palace
  • MBR Library 
  • MBR Space Centre 
  • Atlantis Aquaventure 
  • Adventura park 
  • IMG theme park
  • Trip to Dubai Opera to speak to a UAE astronaut currently at the International Space Centre
  • Volunteering with K9 dog centre and packing aid boxes for Syria & Turkey

We have around 27 clubs and groups open to all students, including sports teams (male, female and mixed).

What are the sports clubs?

Our sports clubs include: adventure sports, power lifting, football (male), touch rugby, volleyball, badminton, basketball, table tennis, and cricket. 

If your interest is not listed, we empower our students to take ownership of their initiative and support them with their interests, encouraging them to start their own club with like minded students. 

Visit/meet us FAQs

Where is your campus located?

Student transport FAQs

Is there transport provided to and from campus?

Yes. The University of Birmingham Dubai provides bus transport at an additional cost to all Emirates except Abu Dhabi (unless we meet the minimum number of students required). 

What are the transport fees?

The cost of the transport will vary depending on where you need transport from and your distance from campus. 

Find student transport fees

How do I switch to a new route if I move home?

To switch to a new route, you will need to notify Student Services of your change of address and complete any necessary transfer documentation. We can then assess your request, make the necessary arrangements and advise you of any change in your transport fees. You can contact us at 

If you have changed your address you should also ensure that your student record is up-to-date with your latest address.

What parking is available?

Free parking is available. The university car parking facility has 550 car parking spaces. Students will need car parking access cards to be able to use the car parking. 

Is Academic City served by public transport?

Yes. The RTA bus number 365 runs on the Dubai International Academic City route. Please refer to the RTA’s journey planner to confirm schedules and plan your trip or call the RTA at 800-9090.