EIS and Arabic mandatory modules

Our mandatory modules in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Sustainability (EIS) and Arabic are designed to enhance your employability and give you the foundations of Arabic language and culture.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability (EIS)

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability (EIS) is a mandatory multidisciplinary module which is designed to underpin students’ employability skills.

All first year UG students are obliged to attend and will be automatically enrolled on the EIS module.

When will the module run?

It will run in a one-week block format from Monday 11th Dec to Friday the 15th Dec 2023, in-person on campus.

What will you learn with us?

The essential theme of sustainability provides the context within which students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and innovation. Of particular importance is the emphasis on the sustainability imperative of the United Arab Emirates specifically and the Middle East in general. The module provides a platform for local companies and Emirati experts in sustainable innovation management and sustainable investment. 

The module consists of taught elements, tutorials, independent study, and group work. Students scope out an innovative business idea related to sustainability, achieved through the development of a Business Model Canvas.

Arabic Language 1 

Who is it for?

This is a mandatory module for all undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Birmingham Dubai campus and is designed for complete beginners.

All first year UG students are obliged to attend and will be automatically enrolled on the Arabic module, unless recognised as having prior learning in Arabic. Please see our section on who is eligible and how to register for this.

When will the module run?

This is a first year UG module and will run in semester 1 and semester 2. 

What will you learn with us?

Our course will equip you with a functional knowledge of Arabic language and culture at a basic level, including essential communication skills necessary to thrive in Arabic-speaking countries. Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is used and taught throughout.  

Module credit and assessment

This is a 10-credit module taught over 10 weeks:

  • Two-hour session per week
  • Two summative assessments - oral and continuous assessment
  • The pass mark is 40% 

Who is eligible for acknlowedgement of prior learning in Arabic?

The UAE Ministry of Education requires all undergraduate students to undertake an Arabic language course during their higher education studies as a compulsory module. However, the university would like to acknowledge any prior learning in Arabic or your bilingual/native speaking level. Please note it is your responsibility to let us know via the registration form if you have any prior learning in Arabic or you are a non-Arabic speaker.

Register for acknowledgement of prior learning for the Arabic module