Student and Programme Administration

The University of Birmingham Dubai will support you throughout your studies to help you thrive as a student. Learn how our Student and Programme Administration can help.

We have been supporting students for more than 100 years, with a strong network of online and face-to-face support to help students achieve their best during their time with us. Our Student Services team in Dubai will assist you with many aspects of your studies and life on campus, including:

  • International student support
  • Visa assistance
  • Registration
  • Student administration
  • Information, advice, and guidance
  • Transport and accommodation
  • Graduations
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Permanent withdrawal

Consequences of permanent withdrawal

Permanently withdrawing from your studies means that you have decided to stop studying at the university and that you have no intention of returning to continue your programme of study in the future. Withdrawing from the University will have financial and visa implications. If you are considering permanently withdrawing from the University, you are strongly advised to meet with your Programme Director for advice and guidance before making a final decision.

Tuition fee liability

The tuition fee liability page provides information about the University’s Fee Liability Policy for students who withdraw or take leave of absence. Please consult this page for information about the fee you will be charged.

Application for withdrawal (Dubai)

Please open and complete the University of Birmingham Dubai voluntary withdrawal form.

Other sources of help and advice are available, please contact to be advised on other options that may be available to you.

Complete application for voluntary withdrawal

Leave of absence

Information about taking a leave of absence and what you need to do when you return.

What is leave of absence?

During your period of registration, you may experience a range of significant challenges that may compromise your ability to continue to fully engage with your programme of study. In certain situations the most viable course of action may be to take an authorised temporary break from study, known as Leave of Absence.

Read our Code of Practice on Leave of Absence Procedures

If you are considering taking a break from your study, you will need to discuss this matter with your tutor / supervisor or wellbeing officer in your School. It is important that you apply for your leave of absence at the time that your personal circumstances affect your ability to study.

Complete application for a leave of absence

You must give valid reasons and provide supporting evidence – please refer to Section 6 of the Code of Practice on Leave of Absence Procedures for your cohort year. Applications without appropriate supporting evidence will not be considered and will be returned. Evidence that is not in English must be translated into English by a certified translator.

Once you submit your Leave of Absence request, it will be assessed by your Programme Director and/or the Wellbeing team. You will be informed when it is approved, and then when it is processed

What will my tuition fee liability be?

The tuition fee liability page provides information about the University’s Fee Liability Policy for students who withdraw or take leave of absence. Please consult this page for information about the fee you will be charged.

Returning from a leave of absence

It is your responsibility to agree your return with your School and complete the Return from Leave of Absence form.

Complete return from leave of absence form

If you have been on a Leave of Absence due to medical reasons, you will need to provide the Wellbeing team with a copy of a medical note confirming that you are fit to resume your programme of study. This must be submitted along with the form.Once your Return from Leave of Absence has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email.If you are unable to return from leave of absence by your agreed return date, it is your responsibility to notify your School and seek further advice.Please note that if you do not extend your Leave of Absence and you do not notify your School that you unable to return on time, you will be deemed to have withdrawn from your programme of study in accordance with the Codes of Practice on Leave of Absence Procedures.

Programme changes/transfers

Why change your programme of study?

If you are unhappy with your current programme of study it may be possible to transfer (change) to another programme of study by completing a programme transfer form.Ensure you seek advice from the Programme Director of the programme you are leaving and the Programme Director of the programme you are joining.Applications should be made as early as possible in the academic year. Registered Students may not normally change their module registrations after the first two weeks of the relevant term.There are three types of Programme Transfer available for students:

  • Programme Mode change
  • Within School transfer
  • Transfer to new School

More information can be found in the form.

Complete programme change/transfer form

Refund request

If you believe that you have overpaid your tuition or if you are requesting visa deposit fee please complete the ‘Refund Request’ form.

Download refund request form

Please return the forms to , this form once approved by Dubai, will be sent to accounts receivable team in UK.



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